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Avoid This More Than Anything To Reduce Inflammation

oday I want to talk about the food item that is contributing the most to acidity and inflammation in your body.  Before I do, let me tell you a few facts about this food item.

-In 1822 the average American consumed roughly 9 grams of this food item every day

-In 2012 that average was up to 153 grams per day, which equates to 130 pounds per year

-This food item is completely devoid of any vitamins or minerals and holds no nutritional value whatsoever

-This food item is directly linked to common physical and mental health ailments such as obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, depression, headaches, fatigue, nervous tension, aching limbs, diabetes, skin irritation and violent behavior

-This food item has been shown on brain scans to be as addictive to the pleasure center of our brain as the street drug cocaine

Can you guess what it is??


Sugar consumption is at an all time high.  Although most people are getting wise to the obvious sources of sugar like soft drinks, fruit drinks, candy, desserts and cereals- food manufacturers are getting better and better at pumping sugar into foods and making them still appear healthy on the labels.

Now that there are more food fads out there, companies use descriptive words and phrases like “all natural”, “gluten free”, “low fat”, “organic” and others to give the initial perception that a food is healthy even though it is still loaded with sugar.

Food manufacturers are also getting smarter about using different sources of sugar so that the ingredients sound like they are better for you.  They use things like “evaporated cane juice”, “brown rice syrup”, “high fructose corn syrup”, “crystalline fructose” and others to sweeten foods without using regular refined table sugar.  This allows for them to list an ingredient other than “sugar” on the label and make their foods appear healthier.

Don’t be fooled, if its sweet- beware.

Although refined white sugar is still one of the worst sources of sugar by far, other sugary food items can still have the same effect on the body by contributing to inflammation.

When you consume a sugary substance, or a substance that converts to sugar quickly like flour (in bread, pasta and cereals) you raise your blood sugar level.  Elevated blood sugar has inflammatory effects on the body.

The glycemic index is the scale used to rank the effect foods have on blood sugar by giving them a numerical score.  The lower the number, the lower the effect on your blood sugar.

Check out your where your favorite foods rank by going here- www.glycemicindex.com

If foods you eat often are high on the glycemic index, consider switching to a lower glycemic option to minimize the elevation in your blood sugar and the increase in inflammation.

After making a few of these changes, measure your Ph using the Ph strips again and see how it has changed.  Chances are you will see a better reading.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful, next time I will go into more foods to avoid to keep inflammation down.

To your health!



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