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Superstar Athlete Helps Florida Kids Learn About Health

Remember when you were growing up- how it was so normal to spend a good portion of your life moving, playing and being active? Well, it probably won’t surprise you to find out that statistically, that is NOT the norm for kids these days.   In fact, according to research sourced by the CDC in 2019, less than one quarter of children ages 6-17 get at least an hour of physical activity per day.  Also, according to research recently published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics- the average amount of activity kids get has gone down even further since the pandemic.  To the tune of about 17 less minutes per day.   This extreme inactivity has contributed to a rise in childhood diseases of all kinds.   

To help combat this problem, the Pinellas County School District has enlisted the help of…7-time Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Tom Brady.  Love him or hate him, I think everyone can agree that Tom Brady is definitely doing something right when it comes to his own health.  He is 45 years old, and he is in his 23rd season as an NFL quarterback.  He has also (despite taking hundreds of punishing hits), spent almost zero time on the injured reserve during his career.     Tom isn’t just some genetic freak either.  In fact, quite the opposite.  He entered the NFL as a slow, skinny, fragile man and through an absolutely maniacal training regimen, he has been able to stay one step ahead of all the common problems that force athletes to retire at the “normal age.” 

You can read about his training program here- The Way Tom Prepares, He Won’t Be Slowing Down Anytime Soon 

Tom’s personal health and fitness methodologies (termed TB12) have been previously packaged in books mainly sold to adults.  Now his team of educators will be teaching his 5 pillars of health- Pliability, Movement, Nutrition, Hydration and Mental Fitness throughout 10 Middle and High Schools in our area.   

You can read about that here- Tom Brady Takes on Health Education in Florida Public Schools 

As a childhood cancer survivor who had no clue how to take care of himself until I did all the research myself- I think this is a great thing for the youth.  I just hope it spreads to Sarasota! 



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