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13 Proven Ways to Train Your Brain

Life in the post pandemic world sure is different isn’t it? With less social outings, less travel and less overall diversity to our activities, life can sometimes feel less stimulating than it used to be. Unfortunately for each of us, the problem with this kind of lifestyle is bigger than just boredom, it’s actually about brain health.

You see, just like how each of your muscles and bones need stimulation (i.e. training) to stay healthy, so does each part of your brain. And just like you can’t stimulate your bicep by exercising your calf muscle, you can’t stimulate all the parts of your brain with the same activity. That’s why we need the diversity and that’s one of the reasons why lock-downs can negatively affect mental (brain) health.

If you’re curious what each part of your brain does, and what type of activity stimulates each part- check out this really neat, short and easy to understand video.

Click here- Parts of the Brain

On this note, I came across a great article that gives you 13 proven ways to stimulate your brain. Each of them have been studied and found to be effective. You can also find links to many of those studies embedded throughout the article.

Click here to read it- 13 Ways to Train Your Brain

I hope you find this helpful. Please forward to someone who can benefit. And remember, even though you lose what you don’t use, you regenerate what you stimulate.

Have fun! Blessings!


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