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At Least 9,245 People Have Gotten COVID-19 After Vaccination

If you are a regular reader of my writings than you know that I love being the bearer of good news. I love to share positive, uplifting things that will encourage people in their lives because it brings me so much joy.

Today though, I feel compelled to share with you some less than good news that sadly very few people are talking about.

It was reported this week by the CDC that AT LEAST 9,245 people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have recently been diagnosed with it. Out of those 9,245 people 835 have been hospitalized and 132 have died.

Read about that here on the CDC website- COVID-19 Cases Amongst the Fully Vaccinated

Now, I’m certainly not the greatest scientist that God has ever created, but it seems to me that something about the mainstream media story isn’t adding up here.

I did a little investigating, and when I read the press release on one of the vaccines, I discovered some interesting things that I don’t hear talked about in the news.

1. The FDA has not fully approved these yet. Emergency use authorization (EUA) simply means that based on the limited information that is known about them, there appears to be more benefit than risk. This assumption allows the EUA to be enacted, which allows there to be a public rollout which will act as a larger scientific study to determine whether they are actually safe and effective. That means that if you have gotten the vaccine, you are part of this study and the results are not yet in.

2. The makers of the vaccines have stated that there is no evidence to show that they will keep you from getting infected with the virus. SARS-CoV-2: the virus, which causes COVID-19: the disease, will not (according to the studies) be stopped from spreading via vaccination. What they believe will happen is that those who get infected with SARS-CoV-2 will have a less severe case of the disease COVID-19. Are you seeing the distinction? And are you seeing the clever way they word this in order to make it “true” but very misleading? So do I.

You can read the entire press release here- FDA Statement on the Moderna Vaccine

So here’s my issue. These things are being touted as the end all be all for eliminating this entire pandemic yet “vaccinated” people can still get infected (and even die from the disease). How does that make it the end all be all?

Another thing you may have missed (because virtually nobody reported on it) was that the CDC also saw a massive increase in vaccine injuries and deaths recently. The reported numbers thus far (which studies show could be as little as 1% of the true numbers) are 118,902 adverse reactions, 8,149 hospitalizations, 1,595 permanent disabilities and 3,544 deaths. This is FROM the vaccine.

Read about that here- Vaccine Injuries and Deaths WAY Up This Week

If this is happening within just days or weeks of people getting these shots, what will the longer term effects be of manipulating our DNA to cause it to produce spike proteins? Nobody has a single clue what they will be yet because you and I are THE study that is supposed to tell them what those long term effects will be!!!

That is literally the equivalent of being a human lab rat and “they” are all saying that it is our patriotic and social duty to do this. To me, the deception of all of this is sickening.

As a devout naturopath, my other questions about the entire NIH, FDA and federal government response are:

1. Why in the world are they not telling us to eat healthy, drink lots of water, get enough vitamin D (vitamin D deficiency is EXTREMELY common in severe COVID-19 patients), take vitamin C and zinc (which are proven to kill virus’ and build natural immunity) or take quercetin (which is a well known virus killer because it opens up zinc channels into the cell)?

2. Why are people not being warned that next to age, obesity is the number one comorbidity in COVID-19 deaths and that losing body fat could be the best thing they could do to avoid dying of this disease?

3. Why is the same agency (the FDA) who is approving these vaccines for emergency use, not telling the junk food industry to start making better products so we won’t have a society that is so susceptible to bad outcomes?

That is food for thought that you can ponder yourself.

My personal belief is that the only way we will beat an infectious disease pandemic, is for all of us to take WAY better care of ourselves day after day, hour after hour, and stop relying on “magic bullets” (that really aren’t magic at all) to bail us out.

Thanks for letting me rant. I hope you still love me.

Yours in truth (however unpopular it may be..),


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