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4 Pharma Companies Pay $26B to Settle Lawsuits

Like many, much of my thought life and prayer life over the past week has been devoted to the situation unfolding in Ukraine.  Given that my future wife Sofiya spent her first 14 years in Donetsk, Ukraine (which was overtaken by Russia last Tuesday), the entire situation has become very personal to me. Sofiya has been getting reports from her friends and family on the ground, and so far, everyone is alive.  They even have full functioning internet, which is such a blessing.  Many are now fleeing to Poland, while others (including some women) are staying to fight.  Please continue to pray for the situation.   

With all the coverage of the war, the story I’m writing to you about probably missed your radar completely.  It’s about something else that is very personal to me, the opioid crisis.   

The opioid crisis in America largely began in the late 90’s, when pharmaceutical companies began instructing doctors to prescribe them to nearly any patient who suffered from acute or chronic pain.  They were pitched as “wonder drugs” that would give patients a better quality of life and had a very low likelihood of abuse or addiction.   

In fact, Purdue Pharma, one of the main pioneers of this deceptive (and ultimately deadly) propaganda even made videos for doctors to show their patients to convince them that the drugs were totally safe.   

Watch a 30 second clip of one of those deceptive videos by clicking here- Purdue Pharma Propaganda Video 

Of course, all these years later we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these drugs are not safe at all.  In fact, opioids killed over 500,000 people in America between 1999-2019, and they have left millions more totally enslaved to them through addiction. This is what happened to my friend Jeff, who was my best friend in high school. 

Jeff was in a bad car accident shortly after graduation, and he was prescribed high doses of opioids for pain.  As the years went on, the drugs didn’t take away his pain anymore, but he had to keep taking them because he was so addicted that anytime he tried to stop he would suffer terrible, debilitating withdrawals.   

I’ve watched Jeff lose nearly 20 years of his life because of these “medications” and that is one of the many reasons why long ago I became very skeptical of anything the pharma companies tell us or sell us.   To settle all the lawsuits they were issued, Purdue has had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars (which is still just a slap on the wrist), and this past week 4 other companies were forced to pay $26 BILLION dollars to settle thousands of opioid lawsuits also.   One of those companies also injected millions of Americans with COVID shots this past year.   

Read about these 4 companies and their current legal troubles by clicking here- 4 US Companies Will Pay $26 Billion to Settle Claims They Fueled the Opioid Crisis 

Now you might be wondering, how in the world can these companies even get these dangerous drugs approved by the FDA, who is supposed to be the “gold standard” of regulators?  Well, it really is quite the scheme. A great article about this dark and shady racquet can be found on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s website.  I must warn you though it is not for the faint of heart. 

Click here to see it- They Tell Us to Trust the Science, But Who Paid For It 

Now, I know this is heavy stuff, but I believe we all need to be made aware of it because this same corrupt thought process is behind the creation of many so called “wonder drugs” that big pharma puts out, including some that you may be taking right now.   

Hope that helps you! 

Yours in love…and truth,


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