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5 Ways To Improve Your Muscle Function

“5 Ways To Improve Muscle Function So You Can Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better and Avoid Injury”

It went over extremely well and I was asked to come back and give more lectures in the future.  I think one of the reasons why people really appreciate this type of information is because so few people teach the importance of improving and/or maintaining good muscle health and because of that so many people are losing the benefits.

Right now musculoskeletal ailments account for 57.5% of doctor visits and it’s more than 14% higher than the next closest ailment (skin disorders) according to a multi year study done by the Mayo Clinic.  This is truly an epidemic of epic proportions.

Just think about how many people you know with a muscle, joint or connective tissue ailment…

After watching this seminar you will understand the key role muscles play in how you move, feel and perform and you will know the 5 most important ways to get them to work better right away. During this seminar you will discover:

The most important daily habit to adopt to have healthy muscles and joints for life (A new client recently did this for two weeks prior to getting in to see me and reported a BIG difference)

The number one mistake active people make when deciding what to do each day (this one can turn you into a ticking time bomb!)

The supplement that is even more important for your muscles than vitamins

How to correct the “hidden culprit’ of musculoskeletal ailments and how it can make you stronger, more flexible and better able to heal and resist injury in just minutes

I have a very tech savvy new assistant who was able to overlay the audio onto the PowerPoint presentation so you can actually see the slides and hear the audio just as if you were there live.  Very cool.

Here’s the link- http://youtu.be/0VTMsHDQxB0

Enjoy!  And please share with someone who could benefit,


P.S. Just a heads up, the people in my audience were all tennis players so I gave a lot of tennis examples to make my various points.  Could have used any sport or activity as you will see.

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