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7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Faith

Today I want to share an article with you that was written by Dr. Don Colbert M.D. Don practices holistic medicine and he has written many books on the subject. One area that he specializes in is how spiritual health affects physical health. I’m glad that he does, because most people are unaware of the strong connections between the two.

I came across an article of his recently that succinctly summarizes some of the key, scientifically proven benefits of faith. I think you’ll find it very interesting. It shows everything from longer life span to faster healing to less depression, and more. He even includes the results of some of the studies, which are very encouraging.

Check it out by clicking here- 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Faith

On that note, here’s something else worth sharing. It’s a video I took of a girl I met at a church service who had been badly hurt in a car accident a year and a half ago. She came to the service that night in pain. She said her neck was so bad that she couldn’t even tilt her head back or look down without it hurting. She prayed that night to receive relief of her pain- and she got it. You’ll see her moving her neck quite freely in the video as she shares her inspirational story. Absolutely amazing!

Check that out here- Young Woman Prays and Has Neck Pain Removed

I hope you enjoy all this! Please pass along to friends and family too!

God bless you!


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