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Harvard Researchers Discover How Food Affects Mood

Often I’m asked about my diet and what I eat to keep myself so healthy.  Having been a cancer patient and an obese kid, diet and nutrition have not only been important topics of professional study, but of personal study as well.

What I’ve been doing over the last few years is experimenting with various types of omission diets.

These are diets where you omit one type of food and see how your body reacts.  Over the years I’ve found foods that I could clearly feel (sometimes immediately) a difference with.  Some foods make my body feel more stiff and sore, some give me brain fog, some affect my mood, some affect my memory and some deplete my energy.

My personal biggest culprits are sugar, dairy, inorganic wheat and just about any restaurant food that’s not organic.  My body also responds very poorly to even small amounts of dehydration. 

It’s interesting how my clients and friends have responded to me sharing this with them.  Some totally understand it because they have experienced the same thing.  Some resist the idea that it is relevant to them because they fear having to change their habits.  Some really don’t seem to care one way or the other.  Every once in a while I tell someone about this and they develop a new sense of reverence for their body and decide to go on the same journey themselves.

How would the people in your life respond if you told them that their health problems, energy problems, pain problems, mood problems and the like, are heavily influenced by what is going into their mouth?  How does it make you feel to know that?  If it concerns you than you may want to consider sharing this article with them.

Harvard University recently published an article on the latest findings between the brain and the digestive tract. It showed a link between the number of good bacteria in the gut and the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mood and pain regulation, among other things. 

It’s definitely worth reading because breads, pastas, sugars, meats, refined foods, processed foods, genetically modified foods, dairy products and much more are known to deplete the good bacteria in the gut.

You can read it by clicking this link- Harvard Article on Nutritional Psychiatry


A great example of clean eating is Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady.  He was recently featured on CBS This Morning to promote his new book and he talked about his diet and his workout program.  He and I share very similar views on these things. 

Check out his article here- Tom Brady’s Diet and Exercise Program


One last thing I’ll share with you on this topic- we live in a time where we have to be more cautious about what we eat than at any other time in recent history.


Because for the first time in history we are living through a global human experiment that involves feeding us genetically modified foods that are created by the hands of man to be patentable and profitable for them despite being destructive to us. 

Most people don’t realize this but genetically modified foods have only been in our food supply since 1994.  It began with one single tomato and now 23 years later these Franken-Foods engineered by the hands of man are EVERYWHERE.  Restaurants, grocery stores, farms, you name it.

Even Wheaties for crying out loud!  Did you think you’d live to see the day when the “breakfast of champions” was being created in a laboratory? Crazy.

Now, these profit hungry companies have been successful in adding another patented life form into our diet, GMO fish. 

That’s right, the Food and Drug Administration just said that it was OK to begin to put genetically modified salmon into our food supply.  This is while research is continually surfacing that shows that consuming GMO anything can significantly impair health and cause cancer. So much for ordering fish at a restaurant and thinking your doing something good for yourself….

If you haven’t been made fully aware of the dangers of GMO’s, I would encourage you to watch the documentary film “GMO OMG” to find out more about.  It captivated my attention and I was riveted for the entire 90 minutes plus.  The filmmaker really did an excellent job explaining everything.

You can also read about our new man made fish friends by clicking on this link- GMO Salmon Article

That’s all I felt led to share with you today. Please spread the word so that those you love can make more informed decisions and not be caught unaware.  I pray that you have a wonderful, restful and joyful day and that God’s abundant love and grace would protect you from the predators of the land!

Chris Vercelli  MATm, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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