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80% of People Surveyed Believe in This

Today is a special day for many people. It is a day of celebrating what many believe was a supernatural act, a miracle if you will. Interestingly, today I came across an article in Parade Magazine that showed that many people from different religious, spiritual and scientific backgrounds often fall into the category of “believers” in miracles according the Pew Research Group. In fact, a recent poll taken said that 8 out of 10 people believe that miracles can and do happen, including those related to health problems.

It’s interesting that in the age of quantum physics, hi-tech laboratory testing, high powered microscopes and advanced medical equipment there are sometimes more questions than answers about what causes what and how one thing affects another.

The field of quantum physics alone has been integral in raising doubt about previously held mechanistic beliefs about what occurs even down into the cell of a human being. Some have even witnessed actual electrons disappearing and reappearing under close observation with no explanation as to where they go or how they came back. All this has left even the most astute researchers often scratching their head saying “there’s got to be more going on than what we can understand.”

I myself have been in a position of realizing there was more going on than what I could understand during a personal health related incident.

Four years ago a camping accident left me with a severely damaged front tooth that began turning brown after about a week. After going to the dentist and having it x-rayed it was shown to have a fracture that deadened the nerve. I saw the discoloration on the x-ray and it was clear that it was not like the other nerves innervating my other teeth. They told me that the brown color was due to the tooth dying as a result of the nerve flow being gone. They told me that I needed to have the tooth removed immediately because it would soon abscess and damage the other teeth around it.

After thinking, praying and considering my options, I had peace about leaving it alone. Within a few months the brown color was gone and today, four years later I still have the tooth despite having done absolutely nothing to try and make it better. Even a retired dentist client of mine said this was highly unusual.

Regardless of whether this was what many would call a “miracle” or whether it was a display of my bodies incredible healing ability or whether it was a misdiagnoses by the doctor, it really doesn’t matter because I still have the tooth.

What this shows me is that there are things that can occur that will defy medical logic, often resulting in positive outcomes that were unforeseen.

The reason I bring all this up is because the article I read highlighted the results of the Pew Study and also described the seemingly miraculous story of Annabel Beam, who is the subject of the new movie “Miracles From Heaven.”

It really is a pretty incredible story.

At age 5 Annabel was diagnosed with two separate life threatening digestive disorders which caused her extreme pain. For four years she was forced to take 10 drugs daily just to manage the disorders and preserve her life. Her mom had to fly her to Boston every 6 weeks to see a specialist that monitored her progress. The doctors continually believed that there was no hope for her and that they were just buying her time.

In December 2011 a 30 foot fall from a tree left Annabel with a concussion needing medical attention. Upon examination, the doctors realized that her digestive disorders had been healed inexplicably and now over 4 years later she has not had a symptom or a sign of these problems coming back and has been on no medication. This has been verified by the doctors and has left them baffled.

If you want to read the full article, check it out here- http://parade.com/462510/katykoontz/do-you-believe-in-miracles/

Now of course there could be many explanations for this and of course things like this do not happen to everyone and maybe they never will. That being said, I for one think it is pretty cool that even though we can take care of our bodies in a way that maximizes our ability to heal (and we always should no matter what), there are still some things that can happen beyond our ability, our doctors ability, our medicines ability or our practitioners ability that can take us even further. This gives me extra hope and I hope it does for you too.

Have a great Sunday!

Chris Vercelli MATm, RTS, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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