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Another Pharmaceutical Company Buys Itself Out Of Trouble…

As I was preparing to write this newsletter today, a story from the Washington Post popped up on my news feed. The headline was alarming and the subject matter sickened me to read.  It is yet another example of pharmaceutical companies colluding with government officials for selfish gain.

Here’s a short synopsis:

Most of us are aware of the opiod epidemic in America.  These drugs have claimed the lives of over 197,000 people since the year 2000 and countless others have become severely addicted to them.

The proverbial “pill mills” are often to blame for part of this problem.  The “pill mills” are the doctors offices that take cash for an appointment and write the patient any prescription he/she wants.  They are typically in collusion with a pharmacy that will raise no eyebrows at a patient filling huge prescriptions for highly controlled substances.  The patient will typically overuse the medication or sell the excess medication on the black market for a high fee.  Some pills may even command $50 each!

What this article points out is that the drug manufacturers are often in cahoots with the pill mills and the pharmacies.  There have been repeated examples of drug manufacturers shipping extremely high amounts of these controlled substances to areas that clearly had no business having that many in legal supply.

Now, the federal laws that are in place to protect communities from major outpourings of these black market drugs have been made even more friendly towards the drug companies.  Shipments that are highly suspicious and appear to be feeding a communities black market pill industry have been made even more difficult to stop by the new legislation.

This came after a team of government officials, who were all reported to have received large campaign donations from Big Pharma companies, fought hard to pass the new bill.

I encourage you to read the article, which you can find here- Washington Post Article  and be sure to pass it on to anyone who still believes these people can be trusted.

Yours in truth,

Chris Vercelli  MATm, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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