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I’ll NEVER Be the Same After I Saw This…

Hey my friend!

I love writing about new and exciting health discoveries, but today I have something slightly different to share.  I witnessed something recently that has changed my life. Since it has to do with healing, and since the story is too cool not to share, I decided to devote today’s newsletter to it.

You’ll be glad you read every word, trust me.

What Started As A Weekend Getaway…

Every January, members of our church and other believers from across the state gather at Wekiwa Springs State Park and Campground outside Orlando for a weekend retreat.  This was my third time there and I absolutely love it.  In years past I’ve seen many people get personally touched in their hearts by God as they’ve taken time away from their routines to seek Him, but I had not seen a true healing miracle occur there, until Saturday.

Nairobi “Naya” Toledo is a 33-year-old single mom from New Jersey who now lives in Bradenton.  She has had a very difficult life but she has made the best of her struggles.  She is a hard worker, a loving mom, a great cook (who often donates “mission meals” to help our church raise money) and she is just an all-around nice woman who loves God and loves people.

She Is Not Like You and I Though…

Naya was born with a genetic abnormality that caused her to be completely blind in her left eye.  For 33 years she could not see a single thing and doctors didn’t have a solution for her.  If you close your left eye, you’ll see how Naya saw all of her life….until Saturday.

Changed In An Instant….

That morning, like we often do during our services, we had a time of prayer for healing where we each prayed for each others’ health issues.  After a few of her friends prayed for her sore throat (not her eye), Naya closed her eyes and saw a vision of Jesus Christ placing His hand on her eye. When this happened she felt like light had entered into the blind eye.

When she opened her eyes she knew something was different.  She placed her hand over her good eye and that’s when she realized what happened…..SHE COULD SEE!  Her left eye wasn’t blind anymore!  She could see everything!

Once Naya realized that she had been healed, she shouted to her best friend Becky, “I can see!  I can see!”  I watched as Becky held up her fingers and asked Naya how many she saw.

“Three!” Naya said.

Immediately Naya starting crying.

I’ve known Naya for 6 months and I knew her story and her struggle.  When I realized what had happened I was reminded that God is so real and so powerful.  Truth be told, I began to cry tears of joy too.

She Still Couldn’t Believe It!

Over the rest of the weekend, every few hours Naya randomly broke out into a panic, thinking that her eye was blind again.  Each of those panic moments was followed by a breath of relief when she covered her good eye and quickly realized that she could still see.  She has now been healed for over a week and she’s getting more used to it every day.  She’s told me numerous times:

“I still can’t hardly believe that it’s real.  I never even thought I should ask Jesus to heal me of this, I thought it was permanent.”   

Naya was 33 years 5 months and 26 days old when she finally got her miracle. January 13th, 2018 was her appointed time.  I’m so glad that I was there.  I just keep asking myself, ‘how do I go back to work and life as usual after this?’  I don’t think I can.

If you think this story is cool, I encourage you to check out the following videos:

This video is of Naya telling the story of what happened to her that day.  It Is Powerful!


This video shows the actual moment when Naya got healed during the worship service.  If you look close you’ll see me too.  From the back anyway.


This video is of the song that was playing when the miracle occurred. It’s called “God of Miracles” and it will bless you so much!

Click here to hear the song

That’s all I have to share with you today, thanks so much for reading the whole story.  I hope you have been blessed and encouraged by it.  Please pass it along to everyone you know!

Love and blessings,

 Chris Vercelli  MATm, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness


P.S.- In the bible, Jesus often did these miracles to get people’s attention so He could tell them why He was really there- to bring them forgiveness of sin and eternal life in heaven.  If you’ve never given your life to Christ or if you are unsure of your standing with God, please watch this video.

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