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Brain Scans Show 4 Ways To Stimulate Happiness

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Happiness. Now there is something we are all interested in.

If you ask just about anyone on the planet if they would want to be happier more often, I don’t think they would say no. Most of us make our greatest attempt to order our lives in such a way that ensures that we will be happy. This desire helps us decide which relationships to get into or stay out of, which activities to partake in, which career to pursue, and many of our daily decisions as well.

Of course we can’t always create the “perfect” life. Sometimes unwanted challenges present themselves and we have to adapt our lives to overcome or manage them. Despite this, there is always something we can do in any situation to increase our happiness and new brain scan findings by neuroscientists are confirming this fact.

Because of advances in technology, scientists are able to see the activity in the brain through sophisticated imaging. The specific portions of the brain responsible for pleasure and happiness are found to be stimulated by certain actions.

Wouldn’t you love to know what those actions are?

Well, Time Magazine recently ran a story on these findings and they described 4 specific rituals that were found to increase pleasure and happiness in the brain.

You can find that article here- http://time.com/4042834/neuroscience-happy-rituals/?iid=obinsite

Keep in mind that when you practice these rituals you increase key neurotransmitters that not only make you happier but that can act as natural painkillers, can help enhance sleep and can help with healing. All things that most of us would all say we want too.


Chris Vercelli MATm, RTS, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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