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Breaking Records and Winning Tournaments. Here’s How He Did It…

This past week the golf world has been absolutely buzzing about PGA pro Bryson Dechambeau. Bryson won the Rocket Mortgage Classic last Sunday with record breaking drives averaging 350 yards and ball speeds of 200 mph. Since then, golfers, analysts and fans have been asking- “how did he do it?”

Well, according to Bryson, it really boiled down to getting his muscles to work right.

Early in his career, Bryson was having a lot of musculoskeletal trouble. Pain, stiffness, soreness after activity, etc. Things I’m sure you can relate to. He wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to keep going at that pace given how his body was breaking down, but thankfully fate stepped in and led him to a solution.

He met one of my mentors Greg Roskopf, and since working with him and utilizing his unique approach to muscle improvement called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)- Bryson’s body, his game and his life have changed dramatically.

Bryson was able to continue play, avoid surgery, and he was even able to rack up 5 tournament wins between 2017 and 2018. But, after some poor finishes in 2019, Bryson decided to take his program to the next level.

He asked Greg to not only work with him to help keep his ailments away, but to also work with him to help him gain strength, size and speed so he could hit the ball further. Well…it worked. Bryson was ranked number 35 in distance and now he is number 1.

Check out this great article from Golf Magazine about Bryson’s transformation:

Bryson Dechambeau’s Physical Transformation

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am about this given that I’ve been training with Greg’s organization since 2005 and was the 69th person in the world to achieve the Master Specialist certification in MAT. In fact, Greg and I are friends and I just texted him tonight congratulating him on this great interview he did for his local news station about Bryson’s success. Check it out by clicking here:

Greg Roskopf Discusses MAT and How It Has Helped Bryson Dechambeau

Although Bryson’s success is REALLY cool news, MAT being praised by pro athletes is nothing new at all. Check out this page to see many of the articles about MAT and it’s use with pro athletes in various sports.

News Articles About MAT

So, why do I bring this up? Not just to entertain you with fun stories, but to hopefully inspire you that you can make a change in your body too.

Whether you’re a golfer, a tennis player, or if your only “sport” is just trying to physically keep up with life’s demands- if you can’t move well because of pain or weakness, you really need to get your muscles working right.

That may not make total sense, so here’s a short video of some different news interviews I’ve done, including one with a pro athlete client. It will give you a better understanding of what MAT is, how it works, and why you can benefit from it. You’ll also hear from some “regular people” just like you, that have had dramatic changes using this same process that million dollar athletes swear by. Check it out by clicking here-

MAT Info Video

I hope you enjoy and benefit from all this. Be sure to pass it along!



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