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Bruce’s Broken Foot Gets Instantly Healed

On March 30th, 2019 myself and a few friends were setting up for our weekly Siesta Beach Prayer Circle gathering at the public beach’s north pavilion.  While I was busy organizing our free gift table, a young man named Bruce came by on crutches.  When my friend Sam saw Bruce, he approached him and asked him what happened.

Bruce told Sam that he fractured his foot a few days earlier and that it was too painful to walk on.  Sam asked Bruce if we could pray for his healing and Bruce, somewhat reluctantly, said yes.

Then we prayed, and God healed him.

Thankfully I had the wherewithal to pull out my phone and capture part of his reaction on video.  You can see it below.


Every once in a while things happen in my vicinity that I can legitimately say are supernatural.  Sometimes they also involve someone getting healed.  A little over a week ago something like that happened and I believe it will encourage you to hear about it.

Myself and a friend go to Siesta Key beach every Saturday to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, give away free stuff and pray for people.  As we were setting up last Saturday (3/30) a young man whom we never met before came through the pavilion on crutches.

Someone attending the meeting went up to him and asked him what happened.  He said he fractured his foot a few days earlier and that it was too painful to walk on.  The man was then asked if he wanted prayer for healing and somewhat reluctantly, he said yes.

After we prayed for his foot, I told him that Jesus loves him, I shook his hand, and I went back to setting things up. As I turned around, he placed his foot down to pivot and I heard him yell “Oh S**t!!!!”  When I asked him what happened,  he said “I’m healed!” 

Thankfully I had the wherewithal to pull out my phone so I could capture the rest of his response on video.  It was VERY dramatic.  While I was taking the video, his two friends came up behind him and saw what was going on.  Their reaction is on the video too.

Even though I’ve seen it almost 20 times already, it still brings me great joy to watch it.  I also can’t help but laugh when, at the end of the video, one of his friends says “you don’t see that everyday!”

“Then Jesus said I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.  No one comes to the Father but through Me”

John 14:6

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