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Free Resource: Fitness For Life TV

Early this year I was in my office brainstorming about what I could do to serve my clients better.  As I did, an idea came to me for an online video channel that contained short videos containing information that would help them get better and faster results from their program.  As I contemplated whether I could do this, I realized that the time it would take to film, edit and upload the videos would be more than I could spare.  I prayed and asked God to provide the help I needed, and I had no idea that my prayer would be answered so quickly (and so accurately).

About a week later I was contacted by a former client of mine who wanted to introduce me to a friend of his.  Turns out his friend is a skilled videographer who was looking for someone to partner with to create a health/fitness related video channel.  We hit it off right away and Fitness for Life TV was born.  Fitness for Life TV contains over 25 short videos, each designed to teach you something useful that can improve your health, wellness and vitality.   I encourage you to subscribe to the channel and intently watch each video.  You can access it by going to


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