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Harvard Says This is the Secret to Joint Pain Relief..

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that I have to be very intentional and very consistent with my exercise routines. If I don’t get the right types of exercise in the right amounts on a very regular basis, my body gets stiff and sore. Have you noticed that about your body too?

Since lack of exercise and joint pain are such common things in today’s world, I figured this article would be interesting to you. It is from the Harvard Medical School publication “Healthbeat”. It says that exercise is the secret to joint pain relief.

Click here to read it- Harvard: The Secret to Joint Pain Relief Is Exercise

As I was reading this article earlier today, I remembered a lecture I gave back in September for about 20-30 people on this exact same topic. It was called “How Exercise Can Improve Joint Health and Reduce Pain”.

I thought to myself.. I wish I could share that lecture with my friends.

Then I realized that I had an audio recording of the lecture on my phone!

I spent some time today playing with a new software program for making videos and I took the Power Point slides from my lecture and combined them with the audio recording to make it into a video presentation. I guess you could say I channeled my inner geek! LOL

I highly encourage you to check it out because I go over some very important topics such as:

– How pain develops- the physical side and the mental side

– How injuries form

– The mind blowing statistics of how many people suffer from painful musculoskeletal problems

– How taking anti-inflammatory drugs can prolong and worsen these problems

– The 6 ways exercise can help you heal faster, feel better and get hurt less

– The 5 different types of exercise and how each one improves your joint health and reduces pain

– The amazing benefits of increasing blood and oxygen circulation in your body through exercise

– How to release a substance in your joints that is like your bodies’ version of WD-40

– The most important supplement for joint health

– The almost unbelievable story of one mans joint improvement just from drinking more water

– Current CDC guidelines on exercise and how to get it all into your daily and weekly routines

Plus there were some great questions asked and one woman shared a very encouraging story of how exercise helps her in her daily life.

To make it easy to navigate, I have a menu of the topics in the video description and the time I begin talking about each one. You can browse that and fast forward to certain parts first, or you can listen to the whole thing straight through.

Also, keep in mind that the only visuals are the slides, so it may be best to play it while on a long walk so you can be listening more than watching.

Click here for the presentation- How Exercise Can Improve Joint Health and Reduce Pain

I hope you get a lot out of these! Please pass them along to friends and family!

God bless!


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