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Harvard Scientists Says This Can Delay Healing

I feel amazing.  I just got home from the gym after doing some range of motion and activation exercises for my lower body, along with some cardio.  Then as I was sitting here at my desk, I did a few more exercises, this time for my neck and shoulders.  All I can say is wow.  It feels like my whole body has come alive.  I can even feel the added blood flow to my brain.

I love it!

It’s so fitting that I had these experiences today because today’s article is on the medicine of movement.

Harvard Medical School recently published an article that showed that those that “baby themselves” after an injury by not moving much, tend to have worse pain (and for longer) than those who don’t. The article specifically speaks about back injuries, but the same could be said for many orthopedic ailments.

In fact, Harvard goes on to say that exercise and movement can often take the place of surgeries, particularly back surgeries.  That’s pretty promising.

Check out the article here- Harvard Says Do This to Heal Faster



P.S. If you click on the article and it asks you to subscribe in order to see it, try typing in the title to your Google search bar and try to access it from the search results.

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