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How Forgiveness Could Be the Key to Getting Well

Have you ever been wronged by someone?  So have I.  Have you noticed how hard it can be to not let that person/incident get under your skin?  So have I. 

You probably know this intuitively, but human beings are wired with a desire for justice.  If we feel that we were unjustly treated by someone, our natural reaction is to either want to hurt that person back somehow, or to just stew in our own personal pool of anger towards them.  Although this can often feel like justice, it is essentially just unforgiveness.   

I heard someone say one time that unforgiveness is like drinking poison, hoping the person you’re mad at will die.  This is because holding onto bitterness, resentment, anger and unforgiveness towards anyone, even those who legitimately did you wrong, will cause all kinds of mental, emotional and even physical problems. 

The reason I was thinking about this today, was because on Sunday we met a woman at our beach service who was in bad pain and wanted prayer.  When one of our team asked her if there was anyone in her life she needed to forgive, she said “yes.” After she prayed a prayer of forgiveness for that person, miraculously all her back pain was gone. Here is a link to a video from our service where I shared the testimony. You can see the woman holding up her back brace in the video.  It’s pretty cool! 

Click here- Testimony of Gloria’s Healing 

Also, here is a great article from The Harvard Health Letter about the power of forgiveness.  I think you’ll find it helpful.  It even includes a 5-step system you can follow to make forgiveness easier.   

Click here to read it- Harvard Health Letter: The Power of Forgiveness 

Although the process of truly forgiving people is far from easy, I think you will find that it is SO SO worth it. 



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