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Today is one of my absolute favorite holidays.

Most people think of me as a pretty optimistic, enthusiastic and grateful person…and I am!  That’s why this holiday is so enjoyable.  It reminds me to pay extra attention to the things I am thankful for and when I do, I automatically become happier.

I’m sure you can say the same thing.  Think of one thing right now that you are super thankful for.  Did thinking about it bring a smile to your face?  I bet it did.

The hard part is reminding ourselves about these things in the midst of challenges, difficulties or setbacks.

Although it is hard, it is not impossible.  Here is a perfect illustration of how to do it.

Have you ever seen this picture before?  I’m guessing you probably have.

Interesting Image

When you first glance at this picture you will see one of two things- an old woman or a young woman.  Which did you see?

If you look closer you will see them both.  See it yet?

Although this picture contains one set of of shapes and colors, it shows two totally different images depending on how you look at it.

Isn’t everything in life like this picture?

Think of one situation right now that you find troubling.  If  you looked hard enough at it, could you find something about it that you are thankful for?

Is the situation forcing you to become more patient, more forgiving, more resilient, or stronger?

Is it forcing you to change bad habits into good ones, meet new and helpful people to advise you, or forcing you to trust yourself in ways that you’ve never had to before?

Just like looking hard at that picture will allow you to see the hidden image, I bet you can find something in that difficult situation to be thankful for if you really looked.

When you do, you will be happier, more at peace, healthier and more fun to be around.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU for allowing me to send you these emails.  It really blesses me to be able to share with you things that can help make a small difference in your life.

God bless,

 Chris Vercelli  MATm, RTS, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness