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I Got a New Toy!

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you were approaching your birthday and you knew you were about to get a cool new toy? I had a touch of that recently.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is a doctor told me about a smart ring that measures heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, activity, and a few other things. He told me that it was really helping him understand how different things affect his system.

He also told me that this ring has recently been endorsed by the NBA and is being worn by all their players. Why? Because scientists are discovering that monitoring these physiological variables could allow you to detect whether you have early stage or asymptomatic COVID-19. Apparently even if someone feels nothing yet from the virus, a change can still be seen in the data, which would prompt them to get tested.

Of course for me this was just a bonus. Being that I’m a data geek that is always looking to put myself through another science experiment, I figured this ring would help me test my bodies’ reactions to foods, supplements and workouts.

I ordered one right away but since the company is based in Finland it took a little while to get here. In addition, they had to first send me out a sizing kit, which added a few more days to it. That entire week I felt like I was a kid in mid December awaiting Christmas. It was actually quite funny.

I finally got it last week and so far I love it. I check in with my data regularly and I’m already learning more about myself. What I didn’t realize is how much it would motivate me to go to bed early so I can get a good “sleep score.” It must be the competitor in me because every morning I love seeing how well I did, especially when I break my own record! LOL.

Of course, there are several things on the market that do similar things- fit bits, apple watches, etc, but this one is pretty sophisticated and it definitely wins in the comfort department.

Check it out if you are interested. Here is the link to the website- Oura Ring

God bless!


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