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I Shared This With A Few Doctors This Weekend

I’m actually sitting in the Houston Airport right now awaiting the last leg of my marathon day of flights (4 legs total and 14 hours of travel time).

It was well worth it though.  I got to spend the weekend with a group of healthcare and medical professionals of all disciplines discussing the prevalence of “medical miracles” in modern practice. These are things that cannot be explained purely through medical science, even by the very doctors who witnessed them.  They talked about the commonalities between these and it was very eye opening.  Being that it is a controversial topic I won’t elaborate, however I’m happy to if asked 🙂

What I wanted to share in this article was another experience I had while out there.  Of course, when you go to these types of conferences where there are so many people of varying disciplines- doctors, therapists, nurses, etc. whenever you strike up a conversation with someone, everyone wants to know “what do you do?”

This is of course very interesting for me because so few people have heard of what I do. This is because I am one of only about 700 Muscle Activation Techniques Specialists in the world and my entire practice is centered around correcting muscle inhibition, which although can be the root of many common joint and muscle ailments, it is something very few healthcare professionals know about.

I am sad about this fact.  The unfortunate truth is that most health professionals have no idea that this problem is occurring in their patients and that when it does it makes their body much more susceptible to injury, creates movement restrictions, and can slow down and even stall the healing process from common overuse musculoskeletal pains and problems.  When I explain this to them, it is usually the first time they’ve heard it, as was the case this weekend even with a few doctorsI am glad that I get opportunities to share this message in my own home town though.  My goal is to make sure that every doctor and therapist in my town is well aware of this problem by the end of my career.  Thankfully I’m getting closer to this every year.

One way I’ve done that is through speaking this message on television, which I did again recently on a show that airs on the Sarasota local news network-SNN.  I just got the video of this broadcast and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you. I encourage you to check it out and share it with anyone struggling with a back, neck, joint or muscle pain.  The problem I discuss could very likely be at the root of it and the treatment I discuss could be an important part of the solution.

Click the link below to see the video.  It’s roughly 24 minutes long.



Check out the video here:


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