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Immune System 101 with Dr. Chris

Now that we are starting to see light at the end of this crazy tunnel we’ve been in, it’s a good time to begin to think about a “get back to life game plan.”

Of course, I’d imagine we will all be more cognizant about close contact with people, crowds and hand washing, but what I certainly hope we all pay more attention to is our immune system health.

One thing I’ve thought about during this pandemic is how I used to have such poor immunity when I was a teenager. I developed cancer during my sophomore year of high school and I was put on a 26 month chemotherapy program. The chemo killed my immune system. I could get sick, and badly sick, very easily. I always had to be so careful, especially around people.

I might be one of the only people you know who did social distancing before it was trendy! LOL!

But…I still got sick A LOT back then. I had pneumonia 5 times, I had at least 4 life threatening infections, one that landed me in the hospital for 12 days, and I had a mild cold for almost the entire rest of the 26 months. If I would have gotten COVID-19 back then, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have made it.

What that experience inspired in me was a desire to improve my health so I’d never be in that kind of vulnerable position again.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you have an underlying condition that is predisposing you to a worse outcome. Maybe all of this has served as a motivation to improve your health conditions so you are more resilient.

Or, maybe you are already “healthy” but this has motivated you to do even more so you don’t become more vulnerable. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy what I have to share with you today.

So, I’m a big believer in knowledge being power.

I would qualify that statement even further and say that understanding is power. For me, I never felt empowered to take care of my health back when I didn’t really understand it. Once I learned more about it though, I understood what my body needed to be healthy, and it made me want to take massive action to make that possible.

For instance, if I don’t understand my immune system, how empowered am I going to be to take care of it? Conversely, if I understand my immune system, I will also understand why certain behaviors are good for it and why others are bad for it. Knowing this makes me FAR more likely to be motivated do the right things.

All that being said, I felt it was a good idea to enlist the help of my good friend and colleague Dr. Chris Davis M.D. to bring to you part 1 of what we are calling Immune System 101.

In this free series, we aim to empower you with an understanding of your immune system and an understanding of how to make it work the way God intended it to work, so you can live long and prosper.

In part 1 Chris explains:

-What the various parts of your immune system are, including some that will surprise you

-How the innate (disease fighting) and the adaptive (disease preventing) immune systems work

-How our immune system kills a virus or a bacteria

-How vaccines work

-How your body builds its own vaccines

-How poor immune health can also cause cancer, heart disease and other degenerative health problems

-Why the immune system needs adequate vitamins and minerals

-One OTC medication that you’d never think would lower immunity..but does

-A new way to analyze your vitamin and mineral levels without leaving your house

-and some good news for people who are chronically fatigued

Check it out by clicking here- Immune System 101: Part 1

In the coming weeks we will have more installments where we discuss many “how to’s”, but this is the best way to begin.

Please pass along to friends and family! God Bless!


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