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Making a Comeback Against All Odds

During this amazing weekend when we celebrate the deliverance of the nation of Israel from slavery and the resurrection of Jesus, I felt it was fitting to give you a dose of inspiration by sharing some other great “comeback” stories with you.

These are stories of people that were in impossible or near impossible situations yet persevered to victory.  I love these types of stories because they remind me that I can also overcome difficult situations I face, if I don’t give up.

The first story is of a man you’ve probably heard of- Tiger Woods.  Now, I’m not much of a golfer but I am amazed by what he did last weekend.  Tiger has had 4 back surgeries (including a fusion), multiple knee operations and a slew of other injuries.  He also hadn’t won a major tournament since 2008 and many believed he could never do it again.  Well, he proved them wrong by winning The Master’s last Sunday.

Check out this article where Michael Jordan called Tiger’s comeback “the greatest he’s ever seen.”

Click here- Tiger Woods Comeback 


One of my clients told me this week about another man making an amazing comeback- Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowler Ryan Shazier.  Ryan suffered a serious spinal injury in December of 2017 that left him unable to walk. Now, after all these months of hard work, dedication and prayer, Ryan is not only walking again but he’s even JUMPING!

Check out this article showing the timeline of Ryan’s recovery.  There are some really cool videos of his progress on their too.

Click here- Ryan Shazier’s Recovery


One other story I have to share is about John Smith.  John is a teenager who lives near St. Louis and he recently had a movie made about his comeback story.

In 2015, when John was 14, he fell through the ice of a frozen lake and drowned.  He was under water for nearly 20 minutes before he was pulled out.  He had no pulse, and CPR, shock paddles and heart starting drugs did nothing to help. After this the doctors pronounced him dead.

Upon hearing the news, his mom entered the operating room and began praying for John.  It was at that point that he was instantly brought back to life.  John has since made a full recovery and has no brain damage despite being deprived of oxygen while he was under water.  The doctors have all confirmed there is no medical explanation for this.

If you’re much of a movie goer, I highly recommend seeing it.  It’s called “Breakthrough” and you can watch the trailer by clicking here- Breakthrough Trailer

I don’t know what tough situations you are facing right now, but with faith, perseverance and hard work, you might just make a comeback that could inspire someone too.

Many blessings!


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