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Miracles in the Practice: The Miracle of 2020

This month, in honor of celebrating 10 years in full time practice and in preparation for my transition into fuller time missionary work, I wanted to share a few stories of miracle moments I’ve had over the course of my career. God has been so good and so gracious to me, and He has very clearly had His hand over my career ever since I began. This story will help illustrate that. This is the story of what He did in 2020 to both prepare us for, and pull us out of, the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown.

2020 began with a boom. I did a total of 548 sessions in the first 10 weeks, which was a level of busyness that I hadn’t seen since the days of working with Major League Baseball players back in 2014/15. After the pandemic and the lockdowns hit, the second 10 weeks of the year became quite a different story. During those weeks, I did only 80 total sessions. They were mostly at my house or at Dr. Chris Davis’ office. Around this time, I also saw colleagues of mine in various places have to close permanently and either relocate or change careers. I held out hope that I wouldn’t have to do the same, but at times, it felt like a pretty big walk of faith.

In May, the office finally reopened but things were really slow for weeks. When July came around and I saw that most of my clients still hadn’t come back, I started to worry that the future of my practice (and even my industry), was bleak.

On July 10th of last year, for whatever reason, the panic really started to set in. I saw my bank account balance going down and I saw my schedule full of white space and I was legitimately quite worried. For the sake of my sons future, I felt like I had to explore other options.

I went online and I searched out various medical degree programs and I started to think that maybe I should go back to school and become a nurse. I even called a friend who is a nurse to talk to him about it. This was the first time I had ever seriously entertained an idea like this since the early days of starting the practice.

The next morning, I got a text from a friend. She said that she had a dream about me the night before and that she had to talk to me about it right away. This was very intriguing, because I rarely ever get a message like that from anyone.

I called her and she told me that in her dream, she was in my house that there were papers all over the walls. She said on the papers were “business plans.” She said that as she looked at all these plans, God was telling her that He has a plan for my business. She kept emphasizing that point, that God had a plan for the business.

This was so crazy to me, because she knew absolutely nothing about the dilemma I was in. I had never once told her anything about it. After she shared this with me, I told her about how I was feeling the day before and she helped make it clear that I needed to stay the course so I could see God’s plans come to pass.

This gave me SOOO much faith to keep going! After that I wasn’t worried at all!

Within a few more months, many clients came back and many new ones came in. By the end of the year, I was even back to having waiting lists. Now the practice is still booming. It’s even busier than it was back in 2018 and much of 2019.

Here is a graph depicting the month by month session numbers since January 2018. The other big drop was when I got pneumonia and was out sick for 18 days. Also amazing is that I had a huge influx of people at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, which was exactly what helped to prepare me for the several months of slowness. Truly mind blowing.

Thankfully, I can now see a little more of what God’s plans were for Non-Fiction Fitness. Not only did He want it to keep going so i could continue to help people in this very unique way, but we are also about to take on another practitioner (which means opportunities for new programs even though I am pulling back) and we are also only a year or so away from moving into a brand new office and gym too, which has been about 8 years in the making.

I’m so grateful to God that He spoke to my friend so clearly through that dream and that she had the faith to share it with me. The entire miracle recovery, led in by this supernatural dream, reminds me that He really does have plans for different areas of our life, and He will do His part to make sure we know what we should do to partner with Him.

God is good! And He loves you SO much!

I hope you enjoyed this story. Please check out the others that are on this site also.

God bless!


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