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My COVID-19 Game Plan

Over Christmas I got to spend time with my son, see some friends, talk to family, have Christmas worship on Siesta Key Beach, and put up my first tree. It was great!!

One thing that was REALLY different about this year though was that for the first time in 38 years I did not see my parents on Christmas. That’s because they both tested positive for COVID-19 on December 23rd. Darn Communist Party Virus! Thankfully they are both recovering well and haven’t needed any hospitalization or medication. Please pray for them though as I think they have a few more days before they’re back to normal.

After 9 months of this pandemic, I’ve probably known around 20-30 people who have had the virus, but this was the first time someone in my family has had it. Being that it hit closer to home, it got me thinking more about my overall COVID-19 game plan. I can break that game plan down into 3 parts:

1. Proactive Immunoprotection

2. Consistent Monitoring/ Early Detection

3. Early Therapeutic Intervention

What do I mean?

Proactive immunoprotection is essentially doing my best to harness the incredible power of my own immune system. You and I have an insanely powerful defense system in our body, but it’s up to us to make sure to keep our immune system “soldiers” (white cells, macrophages, etc.) in tip top shape.

I do this by getting enough sleep, managing my stress (HUGELY important for immune health), eating a super clean diet with zero processed food, drinking tons of water, getting lots of exercise (especially vigorous powerwalking because it helps cleanse your lymphatic system), getting lots of sunlight on my bare skin to release ample amounts of Vitamin D (which is more effective than getting it through supplements), and by taking strong antiviral supplements like Zinc, Vitamin C and Quercetin.

A few of the supplements are new, and I’m definitely getting more sunlight than ever before, but this is the same regimen that allowed me to have a streak of nearly 10 years without ever missing a day of work because of sickness. I’ve also never had the flu and I’ve so far been around 4 different people that had the virus (before they knew they had it) and I haven’t gotten it.

17 negative tests and counting! Number 17 just this afternoon!

That brings me to the next part of my game plan- consistent monitoring and early detection.

If you read enough of the studies and listen to enough of the treating doctors, you realize that this disease changes ALOT after just the first few days of being in someone. If you detect the virus early and get early therapeutic intervention, the chances of having a much milder case goes WAY up.

I do this through my Oura Ring, which detects Heart Rate Variability fluctuations (an early means of asymptomatic case detection), monitoring my temperature, and by getting tested regularly. Even though the tests have high false positive rates, the false negative rates seem pretty low. If you test negative, you are probably negative. If you test positive, test again to verify.

If I were to test positive multiple times, I would quarantine immediately. I would also call one of my two local M.D. friends Dr. Chris Davis or Dr. Fred Harvey. I would ask them to call in an antiviral and/or an inhaled steroid treatment so I can keep them on hand in case I needed them. I’ve heard AMAZING things about these from doctors who treat COVID-19 patients. When I told Dr. Harvey that my parents both had it, he said start with extra Zinc, Vitamin C and the OTC anti-viral Quercetin and go from there.

You probably know about Vitamin C and Zinc, but you can read more about Quercetin here- Quercetin and Vitamin D: Allies Against Coronavirus

So I guess my question to you is, what is your virus game plan? Do you have one? Is there anything you’d add to this? Please email and share your thoughts with me, I’d love to hear them.

Hope this helps! God bless!


P.S. I know it is a very stressful time for so many people right now so I want to share with you my #1 secret for quick stress relief…..SINGING! That’s right, you can sing your stress away! Singing and stress are not able to coexist very well and I’ve personally found singing to often be like having a peace bomb dropped on me. It’s that powerful!

Of course, you can sing anything you want, but for me the greatest breakthroughs come from singing to God or about God. He is the one who ultimately keeps me safe and healthy and although I do my part, He is the Healer and He is the Protector. He is also the Waymaker, and that is what this song is called. I think you’ll like it.

Check it out by clicking here- Waymaker Song

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