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Nearly Half the People Who Use This Ditch Their Meds..

I came across a few articles recently that I felt would be great to share with you.

The first one was kind of a shocker.  In a good way.  It describes a survey that was done on 2400 people who regularly consume a plant extract called Cannabidiol (CBD).  Most of the users reported that they used it primarily for relief of pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia.  Amazingly, 80 percent said it was “very or extremely effective” and 42% reported that they no longer needed their traditional medications.


Check it out here- Survey Says 42% Of People Replaced Traditional Meds With CBD


Next, I wanted to share this neat story with you.  It is an article written by Arnold Schwarzenegger about his challenging road to recovery after having open heart surgery last spring.  He describes his journey of going from having to use a walker, to being in “Terminator Shape.”

Arnold also talks about the struggles that we all face when trying to gain or regain our health and function, and he offers some very keen insight into how we can overcome some of the roadblocks to our own health and fitness success.

It’s a very interesting and inspiring read. Click here to go to it- Schwarzenegger- How I Fought My Way Back to Fitness


This article is also quite fascinating.  It was written by a Medical Doctor who has a thriving practice near Orlando and is an expert in the field of health and spirituality.  He wrote about 7 scientifically proven benefits of having faith and it is truly eye opening.

Check it out here- 7 Health Benefits of Having Faith

I hope you get as much out of these as I did!  Please forward them to any friends or family members who would be interested.



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