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New and Useful Resources for You…and a Little Sentiment

Whenever I begin a new year it is very common for me to do a lot of reflecting. This new year has got me doing that on steroids because I’ve not only been reflecting on 2019, but on the events of the entire decade that just ended as well.

Two things happened this week that were fun to reflect on. Friday morning I was reminded that it was exactly 12 years ago (1/10/2008) since I had my first full feature article in a newspaper. The article is about how I had cancer, turned to exercise and nutrition to rebuild my body, and later pursued the career (or as I see it, the mission) to help others rebuild their bodies after health challenges.

You can check it out here and see what I looked like when I was 25!

The other thing that happened this week was I began working with a man named George. George is in his 70’s and wants to gain more strength, build muscle and stay as fit as possible as he continues to age. Awesome guy and an awesome (and attainable) goal.

After I began working with George, I started connecting the dots on how I met him. It’s a neat story with a good lesson in it for all of us.

In 2014 I met Mike. Mike was struggling with a lower back and hip problem that had flared up after moving here about 3 months earlier. By the grace of God I was able to help Mike get back to normal and now he and I still see each other for maintenance visits regularly.

In 2015 Mike went golfing and met Brian. Brian mentioned during the round that he was struggling with tennis elbow and couldn’t play tennis anymore. Mike told him to see me, and he did. Brian eventually got back to playing so much tennis that he tore several muscles in his rotator cuff (which had been an old area of injury for him). He was told he needed surgery, but by the grace of God we were able to work together to make him strong enough to not need it. He has still never gotten surgery and rarely has any pain there. He also sees me for regular maintenance.

In 2016 Brian told his friend Marcie about me, who was hoping to build up a lagging muscle in her arm. She came in and by the grace of God, not only did the muscle build up, but we were also able to strengthen her neck and shoulders enough to allow her to overcome chronic migraines. She was ecstatic.

In 2019 Marcie told her friend Ron about me. Ron had recently had two open heart surgeries and several other surgeries to extract fluid from his lungs. He was also hospitalized for over 50 days in one year and his body was very weak and in a lot of pain. By the grace of God, and with a lot of hard work by Ron, we’ve been able to get his body much stronger and much more fit. Now he feels way better and he’s doing things that couldn’t do before.

Now, in 2020, I meet George, a friend of Ron’s. Hopefully, by God’s grace, I can help him too.

I say all that to say this- you never know how much of an impact you are making when you try and help someone. Mike never knew that when he told Brian to come see me in 2015 that he was actually paving the way for George to get help in 2020. But that’s what happened.

Keep that in mind this year. Every little thing you do to bless, encourage or instruct someone in a better way can have a ripple effect that goes further than you ever thought possible.

Keep that in mind also as you watch the videos below. I’m sure that many of the people you know can benefit from them.

Let me introduce these videos by telling you that in my practice we operate with a 3 pronged approach to healing.

I’ll call the first prong the intra-session prong. This is what happens within a session with someone. The specific activation’s, exercises, rest periods, progressions, etc.

The second is what I called the inter-session prong. This encapsulates what my client must do during the minutes, hours, days, that they are not in session with me.

The third is the faith prong. This is where we trust that by God’s grace your cells will respond, strengthen, heal, and regenerate the way that science predicts they will from such actions. Unfortunately we cannot control cellular behavior, that’s why it takes faith.

One thing I’d like to share with you today is a set of videos that will help fill in gaps within these prongs. They are only 2-6 minutes long and each one will teach you a little something that will help you get better, faster and longer lasting results. You can simply click on the title to view them.

Food and Water Related

How Your Diet Can Affect Your Pain

What Are Genetically Modified Foods and Why Should We Avoid Them?

How Losing Weight Can Help Your Joints

How to Stop Eating Unhealthy Food- Step 1

Why Our Cells Need Water

Why Our Joints Need Water to Feel Better

How Staying Hydrated Can Help Our Spine

Mindset Related

An Overview of Aging

Truths About Aging

Why Your Beliefs About Aging Change How You Age

How Injuries Occur

Truths About Healing

Truths About Pain- Where It Is

Truths About Pain- Its Purpose

Truths About Pain- How Your Mental/Emotional State Affect It

Truths About Pain- How Stress Influences Pain

Truths About Pain- How Our Focus Changes It

Bodily Maintenance

What Sitting Does to Our Spine

How to Find the Best Sitting Position

How to Protect Your Back by Using Your Abs

How to Lift Objects Properly

Exercise Related

How to Stretch Properly

The Truth About Flexibility

How Muscles Prevent Injuries

How Becoming Stronger Prevents Injuries

How Resistance Training Helps You Heal Faster

Benefits of Power Walking

Why Do We Get Sore After a Workout

Please pass these along to your loved ones and please let me know how they help you!


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