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One of the Best, and Easiest, Core Exercises Ever

Ever have one of those days when your back and hips feel a little more stiff than usual?  Me too.  Yesterday was one of them.

My son and I played mini golf at Evie’s, and since they also have a full driving range, I decided to hit a bucket of balls before we left.  Even though I’m not a huge golfer, it sure did feel good to swing the club and hit a few good balls.

Until about 3 hours later..

After we got home, I felt some sensations in my lower back that I didn’t like.  Nothing serious, but I still laid down for a few minutes and I was sure to be cautious with my back the rest of the day.  I’d chock it up to not having swung a club in close to a year.

Although I felt pretty good today, I knew this tweak was telling me that I needed to do some activation exercises to get my core muscles and my spine re-calibrated.  While my son went to spend some time with his grandma today, I decided to invest my time into doing some.

There was one exercise in particular that not only felt good on my back, but it really felt ‘right’. My buddy even did it with me before we hit tennis balls and we both agreed that this needs to be in our regular routine.

I decided to record a video of me doing this core exercise so I could share it with you.  It’s probably one of the easiest ones you’ve ever seen or done.  You even get to sit while you’re doing it!

I demonstrate and give instructions in the video so just follow along and try it for yourself.  You’re spine will love you for it.

Check it out by clicking this link- Core Exercise Video



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