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Optimal Exercises For Heart, Lung and Brain Health

First off let me thank all of you who so kindly reached out to me after you read my last newsletter.  In it I announced that I had been diagnosed with a serious case of pneumonia on June 10th.

Well, it’s 20 days later and I’m happy to report that I’m doing fantastic!  I’m back to work, I’m back to working out (and doing it quite intensely) and I’m really starting to feel like my old self again.

I was also blessed to not have to spend any time in the hospital even though I had the worst case the doctor had seen in 6 years.  I went from feeling almost immobile to running sprints in only 3 weeks.  I’m thanking the Lord everyday for the grace He’s shown me and for the prayers and support of literally hundreds of people.

I’m truly a blessed man!

As a huge stroke of irony, 5 days before my symptoms showed up I gave a lecture called “Optimal Exercises For Heart, Lung and Brain Health” to a small class at the Meadows Community Association.

In the lecture I shared some very important information such as:

  • What aging really is and how we can slow it down
  • What our heart, lungs and brain do, and
  • How we can make dramatic improvements to their health by doing one simple form of exercise, which few people do correctly

We were able to get it on film, with good clean audio and great picture quality.  You can watch it by clicking the link below:

Heart, Lung and Brain Health Lecture Video

I thought this would be interesting to you also.  Have you ever wondered how the oxygen that we need to survive makes it through the lungs and into the blood?  I know I’m an anatomy nerd, but I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever learned about my body.

Some really smart and talented people put together a short animated video on this process that depicts it so well that I’m willing to bet it will put you in awe.  Check it out by clicking the link below:

Breathing Video

I hope you get a lot out of these.  Let me know your comments and feedback and please share these with someone you care about.

Have a great day!  God bless!


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