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Scientific Evidence That Dads REALLY Matter

It’s crazy to think that when I was growing up, I only knew of one person who was being raised by a single mom. Sadly, 30+ years later, I see SO many kids growing up that way.

In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, 18,300,000 children in America (1 in 4) are growing up with no father, no step father and no adoptive father. This has contributed to a wide array of societal problems.

Since today is Father’s Day (Happy FD to all the dads!!), I felt it’d be fitting to send you this interesting article that summarizes some of the scientific data on the effects of fatherlessness. It lists correlations to criminal activity, sexual promiscuity, teen pregnancy and more. It is VERY eye opening.

If you are a father, maybe it’ll give you an added level of motivation to keep showing up and being the best you can be for your kids. If you’re not a father, maybe it’ll give you motivation to encourage the fathers you know to do the same.

Either way, it should give us all motivation to pray for these poor children who have to grow up this way.

Check it out by clicking here- Fathers Matter

Please share this with as many fathers as you can!

God bless!


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