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Something Worth Binge-Watching…

So..we all know that we can “binge-watch” TV shows and movies, but I want to introduce you to a new (and more edifying) thing to binge watch- my new Online Channel called Fitness For Life TV.

Fitness For Life TV currently has over a dozen, short (2-4 minutes) videos, each packed with useful health and fitness information. It’s the same information that I personally apply to enhance my ability to heal, prevent injuries, stay fit and feel amazing. It’s also the same life changing information that I aim to pass on to my clients that work with me one on one.

You can check out the channel by clicking here:

Fitness For Life TV

Here’s the fun story about how this channel came about..

A little over 7 months ago, I was in my office thinking about various ways that I could better serve my clients. As I did, an idea came to me. The idea was for an online video channel that contained videos explaining things that will help them feel better, age slower and heal faster.

As I thought of this, the realization of the immense amount of work and time involved in such a project began to hit me. I mean, not only would it be content creation and delivery (which I could totally do), but it would also be video recording, editing, uploading, managing the channel and more. I knew that it would never work if I went ahead with it alone.

At that point I sort of prayed an internal prayer that was more or less “God, if you want me to do this, please bring me the help I need.”

About a week later I got a text from an old client of mine named Scott. Scott told me that he has a friend named Dennis who wanted to talk to me about my practice. I didn’t know much more than that, other than that Dennis was involved with tennis and was intrigued by what I was doing. I met with the two of them for lunch a few days later, and I quickly realized that this meeting was meant to be.

Dennis told me that he has an online video channel teaching various things about tennis. He has had millions of views to his videos and has over 12,000

subscribers. He told me that he wanted to create a similar channel for fitness and that he wanted me to be the expert to build and deliver all the content.

He told me that he had the skills and the equipment to do all the recording, editing and uploading himself, and that I wouldn’t have to do any of that. As he was saying all this, I stood in awe of how accurately my prayer was being answered.

As you can gather, I agreed to his offer.

We immediately got to work on the videos and so far we have recorded 67. We are also about 80% done with a “how to” course (complete with an assessment and personalized exercises) on how to address shoulder weaknesses that cause pain and injury. That is something I’m really looking forward to releasing because I know it can help so many people who are suffering from shoulder problems.

Dennis is currently editing and releasing one video per day, so you’ll want to be sure to subscribe so you can get them all as they are released. We are aiming to have 365 by the time we finish our first year.

Click this link to check out the new channel.

Fitness For Life TV

Also, please give me your feedback and let me know if you have any show/topic ideas. I’d love to hear your suggestions and comments. If you find the videos useful and you think others in your circle would find them useful as well, please share them through email, Facebook, text or other digital means.

I hope you enjoy them! Happy binge-ing!


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