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The Most Powerful Medicine in the World

This past Tuesday was so much fun. I taught a small class on how improving the function of muscles can lead to major breakthroughs in strength, flexibility and healing. Everyone in the room seemed to have one “a-ha” moment after another, and afterwards everyone asked to have an evaluation. It’s going to be a busy time leading in to the fall!

When someone comes in to be evaluated, not only will we work to uncover all the muscular issues contributing to their problem, but we will also analyze other health, lifestyle and dietary factors that could be contributing to their problem/s as well.

Want to know the most common, non-muscular factor that I see contributing to peoples’ problems? They are chronically dehydrated.

Dehydration is a major problem that doesn’t get talked about enough. It can worsen or prolong many different ailments and diseases, and many people have no idea if and when they are dehydrated.

Today I want to share with you a few resources that will help shed some more light on this topic for you. First, here is an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D. on the signs and symptoms of dehydration, what causes it and what to do about it.

Dehydration Effects On the Whole Body

Also, I’d like to share with you a recording of a seminar I did last year. In it, I discussed dehydration and how it affects our joints and our ability to heal from pains and injuries. Check that out here:

How Dehydration Ages Joints and Delays Healing

I hope you find these helpful and I hope they inspire you to consume more of the most powerful medicine in the world. Be sure to pass them along to friends and family as well.



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