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The World Has a New “Oldest Person”

Have you ever known anyone who lived to be over 100? What about 105? 110? 115?

Probably by now you are answering no.  I think 104 was the oldest for me.   

Given how fascinated we all are by being around someone over 100, how fascinating would it be to be around someone who was…119!? Well, prior to last Tuesday, if you lived in Japan, you could have met Kane Tanaka, who just passed away at that ripe old age.  

You can read about Kane’s story by clicking here- World’s Oldest Person Dies at 119 

Kane’s title of “World’s Oldest Person” has now been taken over by Sister Andre, a little Catholic nun who lives in France and who worked until she was 108.  She also still goes to mass every day and she says that her faith has been a major factor in her longevity. Quite a fascinating woman. She also said that she would love to break the all-time longevity record of 122 years, set by fellow French woman Jeanne Calmut who died in 1997. What a cool accomplishment that would be! 

Read more about Sister Andre by clicking here- 118-Year-Old Nun Becomes World’s Oldest Living Person 


P.S.- Want a tried and true “anti-aging” formula?  Just take really good care of your health by exercising regularly (and properly), eating healthy, drinking lots of water, managing stress and getting good sleep.  This will help slow cellular aging and will be the best longevity medicine you can take.  

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