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The Worlds Foremost Expert In Brain Health Shares His Top Lesson

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What do Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, memory loss, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, mood swings and temper problems all have in common?

They are all problems that are originate in the human brain and they are all things that our lives have been affected by in some form or another either personally or through a loved one.

I was always fascinated with the subject of the human mind. I studied a great deal of psychology in school and I always wanted to know more about how people think and how the way we think influenced how we behave.

Even to this day, I am continuing to learn more about this both from observing myself and others and also from learning from the worlds leading experts on brain health.

When it comes to this topic, nobody is more qualified than Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen has pioneered the use of the unique type of brain imaging called SPECT that allows him to see blood flow and activity in each area of the brain. SPECT is far different from the more commonly used CAT Scans and MRI’s because it shows what the brain is actually doing not just what it looks like.

Because of these images, he and his colleagues are able to see clearly what areas of the brain are overworking, under working and working optimally. This has allowed him to understand the true underlying problems that are influencing the conditions I listed above as well as many others and to understand what to do about them. This is why people from over 93 different countries have flown to the US to be seen at his 6 different clinics and why millions of people are buying his books. To date he has the worlds largest database of brain scans at over 83,000.

You may have heard of or seen Dr. Amen because of his many different PBS specials, his many NY Times bestselling books or his many TV and radio interviews. I learned about him through a client who benefited tremendously from his work and who gave me a copy of his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”

After I read this book I became fascinated with this subject. I’m certainly one that has personally been affected by this subject of brain health. I believe in honesty and transparency so I’ll share with you a few of my challenges in this area. At age 7 I was diagnosed with ADHD, At age 11 I suffered a concussion while playing football, at age 13 I suffered from a very long bout of depression, at age 19 I battled insomnia for a number of years and throughout parts of my life I have on and off battled compulsive behavior.

I am also very concerned about protecting my brain from Alzheimer’s and dementia and most of all I want to have my brain functioning at the highest level possible so that I can serve my family and my clients as well as I can.

After beginning to adopt many of the strategies I learned from his first book a few years ago and continuing to do so today, I can tell that I have far superior mental function than I used to have. This includes mood, focus, memory attentiveness and overall energy.

I came across a short video of a TED Talk Dr. Amen did recently where he shared his most important lesson from studying all 83,000 brain scans. You can find it by clicking the image below. It is definitely worth 13 minutes of your time. I think you will find it fascinating and inspiring.

watch video

Dr. Amen’s books and other free resources are also definitely worth checking out. You can even go to this website http://danielamenmd.amenclinics.com/ and take the brain health assessment to see what specific things you can do to improve your brain health.

I’ve taken his tests and they are nothing to shy away from because of fear (i.e. “I’m afraid of what it will show me”) or ego (i.e. “I’m fine the way I am and don’t need to try and improve”).

Remember that your brain is responsible for ALL your behavior, ALL your moods and for your enjoyment of life. Take care of it and it will take care of you!


Chris Vercelli MATm, RTS, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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