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The World’s Most Powerful Medicine, An Effective Way to Fight Depression and a Few Miracle Stories To Help Inspire You

Right now, I’m counting down the minutes until game 2 of the NBA Finals.  Every year I look forward to watching the two best teams in the world play my most favorite sport, and today I even got to join them.

Well, I wasn’t exactly playing in the NBA Finals, but I did play game 1 of our Sarasota County Summer Adult League.  Although we lost a close game, I left the court today so thankful, reminded of what a gift it is just to be able to get out there and run with those guys.

You may know my story already but at age 16, while fighting for my life with leukemia, I didn’t even have the physical capability to walk a few blocks without feeling like I was going to die.  Now, at almost age 36, I can play full court basketball and often outlast others on the court.  I consider that a miracle.

As a bit of fun, I’d like to share with you a video of my first TV appearance.  It was recorded 19 years ago this month.  SNN interviewed myself and another cancer victim and asked us what it was like to go through the awful process of chemotherapy.  You can check it out here- 1999 SNN Interview

Do You Get Tired During the Day?  Do Your Joints Hurt?  If So, Be Sure to Load Up on the World’s Most Powerful Medicine.

Something I’ve been very zealous about lately is telling people how much drinking water can help them.  I recently lectured on this topic and I will be doing so again this Tuesday at 5:15.  If you’d like to attend in person or watch the lecture live online, email me and I’ll tell you how you can.

In the meantime, check out this video that lists 7 signs that you are not drinking enough water.  I’m willing to bet you experience one or more of them on a daily basis.

See the video here- 7 Warning Signs That You Are Dehydrated


Do You Get Lonely or Depressed?  If So, You Will Love This Good News.

Do you remember the last time you genuinely helped someone who really needed it?  How amazing did you feel?  Research is now showing us that serving others in need can release endorphins in our brain (the feel good chemicals) and can help us deal with our own problems more effectively.  Psychology Today published an article on this topic that I found fascinating and I highly recommend reading it.

Check it out here- The Helpers High


Want a Story That Will Blow Your Mind?  Look No Further.

3 Years ago USA Today ran a story on John Smith, a Missouri boy who fell in an icy lake and was submerged under water for 15 straight minutes.  He was eventually pulled out, but he was clinically dead.  Doctors performed CPR on him for 27 minutes and couldn’t revive him.

You might be thinking, “why would Chris tell me about a story like this?”   Well, it’s because once the doctors had totally given up, John’s mom prayed to God and the doctors watched him get resurrected before their eyes.

Check out the USA Today story here- Mom Prays, Dead Son Comes Back to Life

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!



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