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This Daily Behavior Can Be A Greater Health Risk Than Smoking

I was hoping to get this out yesterday but my Sunday trips to Dunedin to work with the Toronto Blue Jays has been taking up a lot of my time.  Making the 90 minute trip up and back each weekend has not been easy on my body and the increase in my time sitting has me thinking about some things that I’ve read over the past two years about the new findings that link excessive sitting to various health problems.

Of course, its no big shock that the longer we sit the more likely we are to develop lower back pain and neck pain. What is more of a shock is that sitting will also increase our risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease, wow!

That’s right, studies are now showing that the effect that sitting has on our body reduces our circulation, makes us more insulin resistant and creates biochemical changes in our body that make us much more likely to develop diseases and even become more depressed!  Not a good combination.

Being that my work day involves very little sitting and lots of standing and moving, I can say without a doubt that I notice a big difference in my body when I’ve been sitting more and its not good!

If you sit for more than a few hours per day you REALLY need to read the full from Dr. Mercola about the dangers of sitting and internalize what is revealed.  It can truly be life changing. There’s also a neat 3 minute animated video on the page that summarizes much of what is taught in the article if you just want to get the “cliff notes.”



Click the link below to go to the article page.


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