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This Is Medicine for Your Mind

When I began to exercise 24 1/2 years ago, I did so because I wanted my body to change.  I was sick with cancer, weak and debilitated from chemo, tremendously overweight, and 100% committed to changing those things.  

What I realized after I had been exercising for a while, was that not only did I get stronger, leaner and more physically resilient…but my mental energy changed, my mood changed, and my overall feeling of wellbeing changed also.  At the time I didn’t fully realize the connection, but as the years went on, I learned that I was experiencing a few of the powerful (and proven) mental effects of exercise.

In fact, consistent, challenging, and proper exercise has been shown to do things such as:

  • Regenerate brain cells
  • Prevent or slow down the formation of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Improve memory
  • Improve mental focus
  • Improve mental energy
  • Decrease depression
  • Stabilize mood
  • Improve ADHD/ADD symptoms
  • and much more

Not convinced? Here is an image of brain scans with and without exercise. The less blue, the better. 

Here’s a great article that summarizes many of the mental benefits of exercise. It also gives some practical advice for how to get more overall exercise/movement/activity in your daily life and how to overcome common obstacles:

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Hope you enjoy it!  Please share it with your loved ones!


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