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What Others Are Saying


In this video you will hear Dr. Hambrick, an amazing upper cervical chiropractor, describe how after doing chiropractic care, physical therapy and every other type of treatment he knew about to help his shoulder problem, he met me tried MAT and had amazing results.  After this he referred me about 15 of his patients. What a blessing that was!


Gladys was referred to me by her daughter Cynthia who had great results with MAT. Gladys was suffering from neck and shoulder problems for years. This was recorded after we did her 6th session.


Rose suffered from chronic back problems for 16 years and had a big change from less than 20 minutes of MAT. The other cool part to this story is that right before her session she was checked with a digital spinal analyzer which showed her spine was dangerously crooked.  After our session there was greater symmetry to her thoracic and lumbar spine. Even the Doctor doing the spine analysis was impressed by that.


John took a few hard hits in a rugby game and was in so much pain that he was limping. He came to me when he heard me talking about MAT with a colleague and said “can you fix my back?” 15 minutes and 2 activated muscles later we recorded this video.


In this video you will Richard Brantley describe how he had severe sciatic pain that was keeping him from his normal life. He will also explain how he got immediate results with MAT and over a series of treatments his problem was completely gone.


Cynthia Figueroa describes her experience with getting MAT and how it helped her back, hip, shoulder and neck problems.


Watch this video and hear David Misener explain how MAT helped his excruciating foot pain- which was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis.


Watch this video and hear Dick Sheldon explain how after a few weeks of MAT his back stiffness and poor posture he has had for years is 75% better.


Watch this video and hear Denise rave about how much she benefitted from MAT and how it helped her improve her quality of life.


Watch this video and hear the late, great John Hancock explain how MAT helped him recover from a chronic lower back problem and even got him back playing his favorite game-GOLF.


Watch this video and John Kaye explain how MAT helped him regain his ability to do normal everyday things that he couldn’t do before because of chronic back pain.


Watch this video and hear Scott Collins explain how in just a few sessions MAT helped a chronic shoulder problem he had been dealing with for many months and got him back enjoying things he couldn’t enjoy before.


3 time All Star and Gold Glove winning catcher Russell Martin shares with ABC 7 news how in a short time MAT with Chris Vercelli has helped his body move better, feel better and recover better.

In this article from The East County Observer, Major League Baseball players Neil Walker and Travis Snider talk about their results getting MAT with Chris Vercelli.


“With numerous spinal conditions and a long history of injuries, I was used to being in some degree of pain all the time. Recently when things got really bad I knew I needed help so I sought out a chiropractor and an acupuncturist but I knew that I needed work on my muscles to get my body back. Since Chris had helped my husband so much a few years ago I knew he was the one to call. I’ve been so pleased with the help he’s given me.  I feel so much better and I am much stronger. I really appreciate what he’s done for me.”
– Jane Kritzer, Venice

“After seeing the incredible results my husband got from getting MAT with Chris I decided to finally see if it could help me too. I’ve had lower back and hip pain for as long as I remember and neck pain for the past 8 years. I’ve always felt I should just fight through it by myself, but I am so glad I decided to seek out help. Chris has been a godsend to me and has helped me so much. I catch myself telling my husband how strange it feels to not be hurting and he just laughs and says ‘aren’t you glad I told you to see Chris?’ I really am. He is like a son to me and I’m so thankful for his help.”
– Bonnie Gilpin, Lakewood Ranch

“About 5 years ago, I noticed that I was experiencing a lot more pain and numbness on the left side of my body and in particular, the lower part.  My Doctor sent me to physical therapy and I spent quite a bit of time and money trying to fix the problem.  They stretched my muscles and for a short period of time, the pain and numbness was gone.  I am a fitness nut and work out almost every day.  I started working out again and the same problem returned only this time it was much more intense.  I have been a professional skier, a rock climber, a runner and rode my bike across the United States in the past.  This time, the pain and numbness was causing me to stop all physical activity.  I knew I had to do something or in a few years I would probably not be walking very well.  I started researching alternative solutions and saw a TV show highlighting MAT and Chris Vercelli in Sarasota, Florida.  After a series of tests with Chris, I decided to try MAT. After the first session, the pain was gone in my left leg and to this day has not returned.  I was so happy and could not believe what was happening.  I spent a lot of time understanding the process and now am a true believer.  Using Muscle Activation Techniques and a series of exercises designed by Chris, I am able to work out again, play golf, and do all this without pain.  Working with Chris led to the discovery of the real source of the problem and allowed us to address the process of repairing my body properly.  I have had several surgeries including breast cancer, radiation and chemo in the past.  Little did I understand what stress really does to a body until I started working out with Chris and using Muscle Activation Techniques. I have my life and mobility back and have Chris and MAT to thank.”
– Carol Hilliard, Bradenton

“For 38 years, in addition to operating a dental practice I spent many hours on the tennis court after work and on the weekends. My hard work paid off enough to earn local and regional championship titles and a national ranking for my age group.  Once I retired I was looking forward to playing even more.  Unfortunately, I suffered a rotator cuff injury that forced me to have surgery and because of the pain and the weakness I was unable to play for 8 months afterwards. Frustrated and anxious to play again I called Chris after seeing one of his articles in a local tennis magazine and a friend and former dental colleague encouraged me to go through the MAT process. Within about a month I was back on the tennis court hitting balls and now I’m playing four days a week with almost no pain or restriction. I’m feeling much more like my old self again and I’m very happy about it. I would recommend the MAT process to others too.”
– Dr. Tony Kenworthy D.D.S. (retired), Sarasota

“When I came in to see Chris I was excited because of how much he was helping my husband’s back and neck problems with MAT and I was pretty sure it would help me too. I was having a very hard time sitting for long drives without bad back pain and even doing my normal activities were difficult. I was also limited by pain in my knee that was especially bad during exercise. Chris was able to get my muscles working better and that has helped my body heal tremendously. I rarely get pain anymore and I can do so much more physical activity without restriction. Thanks Chris!”
– Cindy Porpora, Palmetto

“The Sciatic Nerve is one of the most bothersome nerves and most of the time we have no idea as to what causes it to become painful. Mine was giving me a lot of trouble, mostly when I would sit for long periods.  MAT certainly was instrumental in my positive outcome and the exercises Chris gave me will be my routine exercises for years to come. I have no trouble sitting now. Thank you Chris!  I’m happy to have had such a good experience.”
– Susan Purser- Member: The Meadows Country Club

For over 30 years I’ve had issues with the muscles in my lower head, neck and shoulders.  There have been many times when it was very painful and difficult to simply turn my head.  Over the years I’ve seen numerous doctors– general practitioners, orthopedics, neurologists, rheumatologists, chiropractors, and holistic practitioners — but no one was able to accurately diagnose nor effectively treat my condition.  That is, until I met Chris Vercelli.  For the first time in all these years, I finally feel the issues are being identified and remedied through MAT!  My muscles respond so well after a treatment that I’m confident my problem is no longer a mystery. I’m eternally grateful for Chris and MAT!
– Vincent Cannatello- Pastor: Word of Christ International Church

“After a lifetime of chiropractic care and 14 years of massage therapy experience both as client and practitioner, I was amazed at the profound results I got from the MAT. Not only was MAT able to help get my body to heal the injury causing chronic and severe pain in my hip/low back, but it also helped me become immediately stronger and be able to perform exercises that were once difficult with much greater ease. I am convinced that MAT is so valuable that I am going to begin the training to learn how to do it this summer.”
– Diane Junker- Licensed Massage Therapist: The Meadows Country Club

“Before I came to see Chris I had been having neck, back and shoulder issues for five years. It seemed like every time I would try to do even the littlest things I would be in pain for days and weeks. I had been seeing a chiropractor for years with only momentary freedom from pain. The intense pain was causing me to avoid all physical activity, which was leading to muscle atrophy. The situation was going from bad to worse.  My grandmother had very good results with Chris for back issues and she told me I should go see him too. Using Muscle Activation Techniques and specialized exercises we have strengthened my body so much that now I rarely ever have any pain episodes, even though I’m doing much more than I used to do. I now am returning to a normal physical lifestyle, getting to play with my daughters as any dad should be able to! I thank God for Chris and MAT!”
– Justin Norwood, Myakka City

“About 5 months ago I started having pain and severe weakness in my hands.  As I researched what might be going on I started to become very worried that I might have something serious that would require medical attention.  It was almost impossible to stop thinking about the “what ifs” and I was getting so stressed by it.  Chris started working with me at home and within a few weeks I was amazed that my hands returned to normal.  What was even more amazing was that most of what he did was on my feet!  When I tell people about it they can hardly believe me.  I’m so thankful to have a husband who can figure these things out.  MAT restored my sanity!”
– Andrea Vercelli

“When I was first exposed to Muscle Activation Techniques, I thought I already knew my body well. I came from a background with extensive training in massage and stretching and couldn’t understand why for several years I was experiencing one injury after another including a back injury that put my life on hold for 6 months. After meeting Chris I began to understand that I needed to improve my muscle function to recover from the injuries I had and to prevent future ones. My beliefs got turned almost completely upside down. Now that I understand how to take control of my muscular system I no longer feel helpless because I know that I have the power to make myself stronger and more resilient by activating my muscles.”
– Adam Brammer, Certified Personal Trainer

“A few months ago a friend told me I should call Chris to find out about MAT because I was struggling severely with back pain and sciatica and just about everything I would do made it worse. My body got stronger quickly and by working on getting my muscles to function better I’ve been able to recover from the sciatica and even more amazingly I can now do things physically that I never expected I’d be able to do without injuring myself. I’m so glad I don’t have to live such a restricted life anymore.”
– Jester Knepp, Sarasota

“About 18 months ago my spinal muscles were so weak that I couldn’t even sit in the car for an hour without sharp pains in my lower back.  It was scary because I was also getting numbness into my glute and tingling into my leg.  As I worked specifically on my muscles with consistent MAT and strategic exercises, my back got stronger and stronger and my tolerance for sitting got higher and higher.  Now my back is so strong that even spending many hours in the car driving well over 1500 miles on my vacation didn’t give me a single bit of pain, numbness or tingling.  I am so happy that I’ve been practicing what I preach so diligently and doing what I need to do to make my body stronger.  I can’t imagine where I’d be in 20 years if I didn’t!”
– Chris Vercelli