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Why You Think the Way You Think

I just watched a really neat clip of a TEDx Talk and I think you will find it interesting. It’s about how our brains form connections. I heard this same doctor explain this in a documentary when I was in my early 20’s and it really impacted me.

He explains how these connections determine how we think, what we feel and what we know. He also explains the process of forming new connections so that thoughts, emotions and subsequent behaviors can improve. I felt it was fitting to send this now because in just a few weeks we will be in a new year and many will be hoping to improve mental, emotional or physical fitness. Without new connections it is impossible.

The video is only about 6 minutes and there are even some cool slides of actual brain cells forming connections and communicating between each other. It should be fun to see even for non nerds! LOL!

Click here to watch it: Nerves That Fire Together Wire Together

God bless!


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