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226k Person Study: More Steps = Longer Life

In this day and age, with all the technologies and conveniences that we have, it is VERY easy to let an entire day go by and barely take any steps. Especially if you have a sedentary job or are retired.  

According to experts, this widespread epidemic of inactivity is one of the key contributors to the rise in chronic diseases, painful conditions and obesity. To combat this, many health organizations (including our own CDC and NIH) have firmly stated that Americans need to aim to take between 8,000-10,000 steps per day.  

However, there is a new “study of studies” that has recently been published that looked at the results of 17 different individual studies analyzing 226,889 peoples’ average step counts over a 7-year period. The results found that even taking 4,000 steps per day can increase your lifespan.  It also found that for every additional 1000 steps you take per day, there is an additional 15% reduction in early death.  

Pretty cool!  

You can read all about this by clicking here- Walking Just 4000 Steps Per Day Can Increase Your Lifespan

I found it interesting that this study (which is the largest composite study on the health benefits of walking ever completed) was published just weeks after I was asked by the Meadows Community Association to give another lecture, this time on…the health benefits of walking.  

I guess it is the right topic at the right time!

Speaking of that, you and your loved ones are invited to attend this lecture if you’d like. It will be held this Thursday September 7th at 3pm at The Meadows Wellness Center. 3350 Longmeadow.  

In it we will cover both the vast array of health benefits of walking, as well as how to begin a walking program safely and effectively.  

Hope you can make it!  

Happy Stepping!


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