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40+% Of Americans Suffer from This

Not many people can believe this about me, but I used to be very obese. In fact, I even have the stretch marks to prove it. Although my time as an obese man was relatively short (maybe 3-4 years cumulatively), it was long enough for me to know how badly people are physically, mentally and emotionally limited by this very, very avoidable problem. 

Because of this experience that I’ve had, I am truly saddened by the new study that came out on Sunday that shows that rates of obesity are exploding among young adults and children. 

You can read about that here- New Study Shows Obesity and Diabetes Rates Rise Significantly

Here’s a graph that shows how the obesity rates have been rising over time as well as how Americans compare to people in other countries. Notice how different it was just a few decades ago and how different it is in other places.    

Now, one would hope that this kind of information would spark a nationwide campaign to encourage people to eat healthier and move more, but I guess that’s not profitable enough.  According to mainstream “science” and profit hungry corporate America (which make frequent bedfellows), this is a problem that only Big Pharma can solve. 

In response to these horrific and deadly statistics, Big Pharma is not only trying to push dangerous, hormone manipulating weight loss drugs on Americans, but by their own admission they want to “change the narrative on obesity.” 

In fact, here is an excerpt from The Boston Globe about Big Pharma’s push for this “new narrative.” 

“The condition (obesity) has long been framed as a result of poor lifestyle decisions and a failure of willpower — eating too much and exercising too little. But a new generation of highly effective obesity medications, and the overt and subtle messaging from the pharmaceutical companies making them, are starting to change the narrative…that obesity is a chronic biological disease — and it’s treatable with a new class of medications.”

You can read the full article here- With a Push From Pharma, Weight Loss Drugs Are Changing the Narrative on Obesity

So, my question is- does Big Pharma really think that they can suspend the laws of thermodynamics (as in calories in vs calories out) and convince common sense people that food and movement choices don’t matter?  Or that our waistlines are due to us not using their manmade drugs?  

Well, although we may think that sounds impossible, look how easily they have convinced people that manmade drugs (and not better lifestyle choices) are the answer to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain, cancer, diabetes, COVID and just about every other health ailment imaginable.   

And all this is going on as the FDA continually legalizes dangerous food additives that makes calorie laden junk food more physically addictive.  It’s a great plan, but only if you value profit over people.

Anyway, rant over.  My take home message- eat better, move more, lose excess weight, and tell Big Pharma that you’re too smart for their “new narratives.”

Blessings and love,


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