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A Paralyzed Olympian Walks Again, A Plant That Can Restore Memory and The Dangers of Refilling Your Water Bottle

Jamie Nieto is a 2-time Olympian who competed for the U.S. in the high jump.  In April of 2016, he severely injured his neck during training and was paralyzed.  Doctors weren’t sure if he’d ever regain more than 30% of his function, but in just over two years Jamie is already defying all expectations.

This is an article that came out last summer as Jamie was beginning to take his first steps.  It explains in great detail what happened during the incident and what his initial rehab was like.  Check it out here- Jamie Nieto 15 months post injury 

This is a video that just came out yesterday, updating us on his continued progress.  He’s doing amazing and is even starring in a television show!  Check it out here- Jamie Nieto now


Here’s something else I came across that I thought you’d appreciate.  Ever have trouble with memory?  Wish there was something natural that could help with that?  You’re not alone.

For years, doctors and scientists have searched for a substance that can cross the blood brain barrier to help reverse memory decline.  One team from Bonn Germany thinks they may have finally found one.

Because of how controversial it is, studies have so far only been done in rats, but researchers are confident that humans will respond very well.

Check out the article on the plant that can potentially reverse memory decline by clicking here- Can This Plant Preserve Your Memory?


One last thing worth sharing is an article that I read recently about the dangers of using and reusing plastic bottles.  If you get your water this way, you should definitely check it out.

Click here- Why Plastic Bottles Can Harm You


I encourage you to share these articles with the people you care about.  They’ll be glad you did!

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