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Are You One of the Millions of People Struggling With a Muscle, Joint or Connective Tissue Ailment that Is Causing You Pain and Restriction?

Musculoskeletal problems are a true epidemic.  In fact, when the Mayo Clinic did a 4 year study in the late 2000’s to see what the most common health problems were among their patients, joint disorders came in second and back problems came in third.  Combined, these ailments affected 57.5% of patients, making musculoskeletal problems the most common health ailment they saw.

See the study results here- Mayo Clinic Study

That being said, if you have something on your body that either hurts, or just doesn’t quite feel right, you are certainly not alone.  Maybe your problem has even gotten so bad that it’s forced you to restrict your lifestyle to avoid making it worse.  If you’re in that boat, I feel for you.

I know it can be annoying and even depressing when these problems disrupt your social life, work life or personal life.    When this happens, anxious thoughts can often begin to take over your mind.   Thoughts like, am I going to be OK?  Is this going to get worse? What am I going to do if this happens again? Or how am I going to continue to do the things I love?  As you probably know, the mental stress of all these recurring thoughts can often be just as bad as the physical pain.

More than likely you’ve sought out help for this ailment only to be disappointed that the time, energy and money you spent didn’t get you where you wanted to go.  Maybe it’s left you wondering, What am I missing? You are not alone.  Nearly every person I’ve worked with has had the same experience prior to working with me.

Here’s How Your Muscles Are Linked To Your Problem

Simply put, your muscles have an incredibly important role in preventing and correcting these ailments. This is because your muscles protect against the physical stresses that can cause tissue damage that leads to pain.  If the muscle system fails to do its job properly, tissues in the body get over stressed.  This can cause injury, inflammation and pain.

At Non-Fiction Fitness we use the cutting edge method of Muscle Activation Techniques to correct the deficiencies in muscles that cause them to fail at their job.  Correcting these deficiencies helps remove stress from damaged tissue so the tissue can heal faster and hurt less.  We combine this with strategic resistance training which further builds the strength of the muscle.  This process allows you to not just feel better, but to also be able to do more physical activity without hurting yourself again.

Whether your problem is in your back, knees, hips, feet, shoulders, neck or any other part of your body, you MUST have the muscles working as well as possible to ensure the most complete recovery possible.  

Because this is a topic that most people have never been informed about, we encourage you to read the book that explains in detail the link between poor muscle function, tissue damage and pain called “Improve Muscles-Improve Life”.  You can download it for free on this website by using the download form on the right.

Also be sure to see what our clients are saying about the results they’ve gotten by clicking onto this page- https://nonfictionfitness.com/what-others-are-saying/