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Important Blood Test Info

Hey my friend! Thanks for checking out this article.

A few months ago, at the recommendation of my friend and colleague Dr. Chris Davis M.D., I had a blood test done called the Micro-Nutrient Panel (MNP). When I got the results back I was amazed to find out that I was severely deficient in the vital mineral zinc and the vital amino acid glutamine. This deficiency was compromising my immune system and without this test I wouldn’t have known about it.

Without telling Dr. Davis that I was going to do this, I wrote about this test in a newsletter back in July. It has since been posted on my website here- https://nonfictionfitness.com/i-got-my-test-results-back-and/

In the original email, I mentioned that my blood test was under $200. The retail price is actually $199 and the testing company gave me a 5% practitioner discount. In the newsletter, I encouraged my readers to contact Dr. Davis’ office and get a test themselves, so they could also discover any deficiencies that might be limiting their immune system function.

What I did not know when I wrote the email, is that this particular test required an order from a doctor similar to how a medication requires an order from a doctor. Therefore it requires an office visit so Dr. Davis can assess the person and sign off on it. He didn’t do this official visit with me, likely because we had already spent so much time together leading up to it and had discussed my needs, goals and history during our various conversations.

Several people contacted Dr. Davis’ office to request this test, and were surprised to find out that the test required the accompanying office visit, making the total cost more than $200.

One person who I’ve known for a while even had the thought that this was preplanned, almost like a bait and switch. I assure you it was not, and I feel horrible that my promotion of this test led to a situation that had this kind of appearance. I am very sorry for any confusion this has caused and for my unintentional misleading. Please forgive me.

Also, please still consider getting a test if you haven’t already. Dr. Davis has recently told me that some of the tests he has access to do not require a doctors order, so they can be purchased without an office visit. Either way, I highly recommend it because the information will be well worth the investment.



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