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Increasing Strength


Are You Tired of Feeling Weak ?

Doesn’t strength seem to be one of those things that we sort of take for granted during most of our life?  Then little by little as things get more difficult, we begin to think, “I’ve gotten weak!  I don’t like this!”

Physical strength is an interesting attribute that seems to mean something different to each person.  To some, strength is a measure of how easily they can perform physical tasks. These people may measure their strength by how easy it feels to haul groceries or luggage into the house, how effortless it is to pick up the kids or grand kids, or how smoothly they can perform an exercise or sports related movement.

For others strength is more related to how much they can do without hurting themselves.  These people equate strength with a lower risk of straining, spraining, tearing or breaking something.

No matter the particular view, most people who are active and want to remain that way will agree that strength is an important thing.  But why?

Strength = Power

Most of us would equate strength with power.  Feeling like we can physically do whatever we want to do on a daily basis is a very empowering feeling.  However, when we feel weak we feel dis-empowered.  Those feelings lead us to restricting our life and can often lead to us having a poorer self image. 

Strength = Independence

Most of us would also equate strength with independence.  When we feel physically strong and capable of performing daily tasks and activities, we feel more self sufficient and less reliant on others.  The weaker we are, the more dependent we become. 

Strength = Safety

If you were in a hurricane, would you rather be in a brick house with a solid foundation and reinforced storm windows, or in a camping tent?  Why did you pick the house?  You must have known intuitively that the house was a stronger structure and therefore was safer.  This holds true for your body as well.

When your body is strong, you are more resistant to things getting hurt.  The weaker your body is, the more likely you are to have bodily tissues break down to the point of pain.

My question to you is- why is becoming stronger important to you?

Is there a task that you want to make easier or a certain activity that you want to get better at?  Do you want to feel more independent?  Do you want to be able to do more without getting hurt?

What most people don’t realize is that your strength comes from your muscles.  Muscles have to exert their power in order for us to do things and they also have to exert their power to protect us from injury while we’re doing them.

Muscles that are strong are muscles that support an active, independent and injury free lifestyle.  Muscles that are weak open the door to a less active, more dependent and more physically painful lifestyle.

Here’s some good news!

At Non-Fiction Fitness we use the cutting edge strength improvement method called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), which corrects deficiencies in the muscle system that cause weakness.   We combine this with Strategic Resistance Training to give our clients optimal gains in strength.

So how does MAT increase strength so quickly and dramatically?  Download a free copy of the book “Improve Muscles-Improve Life” to find out.  You can find the download form on the right hand side of this web page.

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