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Is Your Sleep Position Hurting You?

I’ve had so many clients over the years tell me that they feel pretty good except when they are sleeping or when they wake up in the morning. Very often poor sleep position is to blame for these problems, so on a day when many of us are feeling the effects of our one lost hour of sleep, I felt it was appropriate to share with you an article about the risks and benefits of different sleep positions. Making a change to this can make a big difference over time.

Even if you don’t have issues now, I encourage you to read this article so that you can practice good sleep “hygiene” and keep stress off your back, neck, joints and other organs during those many hours in bed.

Your body will thank you for it!!

Read it by clicking here- Which Sleep Position Is the Healthiest

Hope it blesses you!


P.S. You probably know that I’m a pretty big sports fan, so I thought it’d be fun to share something that happened last night. I unexpectedly met and got to preach on Siesta Key Beach with former Alabama standout and NFL football player Siran Stacy! I even had his trading card when I was little! He loves Jesus and he even helped baptize four people in the Gulf of Mexico. It was so cool!!!

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