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New Studies- Does Surgery Really Help?

In my recent seminars I told the stories of two of my clients who were told by doctors that they needed to have orthopedic surgery.  One was told that there was NO other option.

Neither of them wanted surgery, but both of them were open to it if nothing else helped them regain their function and reduce their pain.  By the grace of God, improving their muscle function was enough to get them where they wanted to be.  Neither of them had to have surgery.

You might think things like this are unusual.  However, studies are showing that proper therapies and proper exercise can often be MORE effective than surgery.

As an example, a colleague of mine in Naples recently sent me an article showing the results of a study.  This study sought to determine if meniscus surgery was more effective than therapy and exercise.

What were the results?

After two years both groups showed similar reductions in pain, but the exercise group also showed improvements in strength.  This new strength is critical to the long term maintenance of joint health.

Since I’m on this topic, I have to share with you one of the most eye opening articles I’ve ever read about the success rates of orthopedic surgery.

This article summarizes (and references) a handful of studies on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of various back and knee surgeries.  It is absolutely shocking to see evidence that shows that these surgeries often leave patients no better than they would have been without surgery.

There are even some references to studies that have shown that placebo surgeries (where they put you under, make an incision, and then close you up without doing anything) get similar success rates to the real surgery itself.   It’s crazy!

Click here to read it- Why Is Useless Surgery Still Popular?

If you have had surgery, don’t feel bad.  There are many cases where it is helpful and there are some surgeries that are very much needed.  Sadly though, the patients need for surgery is often exaggerated and the benefits the patient might gain from it are often overstated.

If you are contemplating having a surgery, I encourage you to consider these facts so you can make a more informed decision.

Here’s another cool article that was worth sharing.

Improving muscle function through Muscle Activation is not just a benefit to those with ailments wanting to avoid surgery.  As this article points out, even professional athletes use this same method to enhance their recovery and stay ahead of these types of problems.

Click here- PGA Tournament Winner Planning Muscle Activation Tests

I’ll leave you with one last thing that is a bit on the lighter side.  I recently published my September issue of Health Hints, Fun Facts and Quick Tips and it is now available online as well as in print.

You can download it by clicking here- September Newsletter



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