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Pfizer VP Makes a Startling Admission

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while, it should come as no surprise to you that I am a very healthy skeptic of Big Pharma. After peeking behind the curtain during my teenage chemotherapy days, seeing my best friend’s life get ruined by prescription opioids in college, and after hearing from doctor after doctor since then that the stuff they push is often dangerous and ineffective- I have developed a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude towards ALL pharma companies and towards the industry as a whole.  I also unashamedly encourage others to do the same. 

On that note, back in early 2021 I warned as many people as I could that the covid shots were overhyped and would not prevent infection or transmission of the virus. Unfortunately, few people took my advice very seriously. This was despite the fact that the FDA admitted in December of 2020 that there was NO evidence that the shots would do this.   

You can read that for yourself in the last line of the paragraph titled “FDA Evaluation of Available Effectiveness Data” in this 2020 report by clicking here- FDA News Release on Covid Shots 

Now, here we are 20+ months away from my initial warnings and what have we seen? COUNTLESS people getting the virus who also got the shots.  Even those who got the boosters got the virus, and many even got it severely and some even died.   Now, as of this past week, Pfizer publicly admitted that they NEVER had ANY evidence that the shots would prevent infection. In fact, they said they never even studied it!!!  

You can read about that here- Pfizer VP Admits That Covid Shots Were Never Proven to Prevent Infection 

Now, I for one am very bothered by this.  I was shamed and guilted by people around me for most of 2021 because I didn’t believe Big Pharma’s claims.  I read the real science, did a risk/benefit analysis, and I decided to put my immune systems fate in God’s hands.   I chose sunlight, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, exercise, organic food, tons of water, prayer and staying away from people who had visible signs of illness as my course of action. For this I was treated by some (who would have NEVER done all the things that I did to stay healthy) as a menace to society who was “putting others at risk.”  

Funny enough, after two and half years of being around dozens and dozens of people every week, I’ve still never gotten the virus and I’ve had a total of 42 negative tests.  All Glory to God.   

Now, of course I don’t look down on anyone for treating me like this, I actually feel bad for them because they were all severely misled about how effective these shots were.  They were misled by the media (who got TONS of ad money from Pharma), by politicians (including President 45 and 46), the CDC director, the NIH directors and countless others. In fact, if you want to see some of this “misinformation” just watch this video.  

Remember when the "experts" were all saying this?

So, why am I sharing this? Well, it’s not to just publicly vindicate myself, it is to try and warn people (again!) that we should not blindly trust Big Pharma’s claims. We also shouldn’t blindly trust ANYONE who simply just parrots the claims of their self-funded and self-supervised “research” and doesn’t allow rigorous scientific debate. 

Anyway, I hope you still love me.  And I REALLY hope you develop some healthy skepticism towards these multi-billion-dollar for profit companies too.  

Blessings and love, no matter what!


P.S. I’ve always tried to act in what I felt was the best interest of others by sharing information like this, but I know that it comes at a risk of making someone want to “cancel” me from their life.  I hope you don’t choose to do that, but just know that ultimately, I have to answer to God.  I don’t want to tell Him that I failed to warn people of important things because I was too scared.  I hope you understand.  

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