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This Is Like Seeing Into Your Own Body

I’m winding down a day that included a morning of practicing tennis and an afternoon of league basketball.  Needless to say I’m pretty spent and ready for an evening of relaxation. It’s times like these that I love getting things like what I’m sending to you because I can just sit on the couch and vedge out to it for hours.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Randall Sechrest M.D. has put together some pretty amazing video animations of the human skeletal system.  If you’re like me, stuff like this sparks the excitement of discovering things that can bring security in times of physical trouble.  That, for me, is what makes stuff like this so interesting.

In over 12 years of practice, I’ve seen hundreds of people have tremendous physical breakthroughs.  Less pain, more mobility, greater athleticism, fewer injuries, and everything in between.

One commonality in so many of those that succeeded is that they were curious about their body and they kept learning more and more about it so they could take better and better care of it.

Picture the difference between taking your car to the mechanic when you actually know what could be wrong, vs knowing nothing and just having to trust the mechanic.  It’s a lot better to be person A.

These videos will allow you to “see under the hood” in many parts of your body.  I’d suggest watching, at minimum, the ones depicting areas that you have pain and areas that you use in your daily activities and want improvements in.

lumbar spine- https://youtu.be/0qR-Yfw9fOI

hand- https://youtu.be/zyl6eoU-3Rg

foot- https://youtu.be/ROd1Acma64o

ankle- https://youtu.be/4hCS1O2LP_c

knee- https://youtu.be/_q-Jxj5sT0g

hip- https://youtu.be/qlCvKEOZtpo

shoulder- https://youtu.be/D3GVKjeY1FM

elbow- https://youtu.be/3l3-5Ij3JZ8

cervical spine- https://youtu.be/RNUpMNd_u1U

Enjoy feasting on knowledge that will help you better steer the ship of your bodies health in the direction you want it to go.

Please respond with any comments, and please pass these along to friends and family.


Chris Vercelli  MATm, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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