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Why Your Body Hates Halloween

Tonight, reports estimate that over 160 million Americans will celebrate Halloween. In doing so, they will spend around 2.6 billion dollars on about 600 million pounds of candy.  

It’s hard to even imagine how much sugar that is!

Now, although sugary foods are extremely common (and beloved by many) these days, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a big deal.  

In fact, the only reason why we all grew up thinking they were no big deal was because nearly 60 years ago, big sugar companies bribed scientists studying sugar to severely downplay its negative health effects in an effort to preserve their business.  

You can read about that here- Big Sugar’s Big Bribe to Save Thier Bottom Line

Fast forward 60 years and most people in America are not just eating a lot of sugar, they are actually addicted to it. How many days does it take before you crave something sweet?  Case and point. 

Now of course, I warn people about this all the time because of how much sugar affects inflammation. Having spiked blood sugar for even a few hours can make you hurt more, so having that on a day by day, hour by hour basis, can REALLY wreak havoc on your bodily comfort and quality of life.

However, this is only one of many negative effects sugar has on the body.  Here are more that you should be aware of:

Click here- 11 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You

I hope you find this useful. Please share with those you care about, especially if they have a sweet tooth.  



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